Overview the "Juice Plus+ยจ Virtual Franchise Mission Driven Model" by clicking HERE

1. After receiving your username and password email from The Juice Plus+ Company, log onto your Virtual Office www.juiceplusvirtualoffice.com  and bookmark the site.

2. Once logged on, go to the 'personal file' tab on the top left. Choose "My Websites".  This is where you will set-up your personalized website domain names and website design. You can choose which marquee and featured video to showcase on your personal site.

3. Sign yourself up as your first customer! You can do this two different ways:
Visit your personal juiceplus.com website and click on "Buy". Follow the directions to set-up your order.

4. Once you have your Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden websites set up with your personal domain names, order your business cards and other sales support materials from www.juicepluspromotions.com
Login to your Virtual Office, click on "My Customers", "Submit Customer Order" and then choose either "Submit New Juice Plus+ Order", Submit New CHS (Children's Health Study) Order" or "Submit New Tower Garden Order".

5. Download the VOXER app from your smart phone and get connected with your upline.  Download #BETHEGOOD app.

6. Go to your personal Juice Plus+ website and look around!
Click on the different tabs at the top of the page to visit the Childrens Healthy Study website, your Tower Garden website and the Virtual Franchise website.
Click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the home page watch the videos on the Official Juice Plus You Tube channel

7. For some of the commonly asked questions and answers, visit www.juiceplusfacts.com  
8. Your up-lines will connect you to their private team Facebook Pages.

9. Dial into our Monday night Educational  Cortese Call which starts at    8:45pm Eastern (641) 715-3580  Code: 505064#

10. Go to your personal JP+ website, click on "About Us" and scroll down to "Events" to become familiar with events nationwide and ask your sponsor for your Local Events website.

11.  Last but very important . Click on this link and print and read over the FAST TRACK ROAD MAP to your JP Business! Your up-lines can go over this with you to get started on building your business.
In addition to our www.teamleipold.com website has great resources and recorded calls.