July 2019
Receive State Tax Credits While Supporting All Saints Students
Looking for a way to pay less state tax?

In 2012, Virginia legislators created the Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit (EISTC) program. EISTC donors can make a donation to the McMahon Parater Foundation, designating All Saints Catholic School as the scholarship recipient, and the donor receives state tax credits for 65% of their donation (example: $1,000 donation, receive $650 tax credit to be used in next three years). 

It's a Win-Win for donors and the school!
Scholarships are awarded to low-income students who qualify for financial assistance.   In the last six years, donors to the program have funded  325 scholarships totaling  more than a million dollars -- and donors have received more than $650,000 in state tax credits! It's win-win!

How does it work?
The program does require some "hoop-jumping" by the donor to receive the tax credits. The key requirements by the state are that pre-authorization must be obtained  before a gift is made and the gift must be $500 or more. Full instructions are HERE.
  1. Donors complete the pre-authorization and letter of intent. No gift is made at that time.
  2. Donors receive authorization from the Department of Education in the mail.
  3. Donors sign and send the authorization form and payment to the McMahon Parater Foundation.
  4. Donor receives state tax credit certificate to use in next year's filing. 
Please note: special instructions pertain to those who pay with credit card or want to use stock. Please contact Alyssa McBride.

Please know that State Tax Credit donors will have the assistance of Alyssa McBride ( amcbride@allsaintsric.org  or 804 329-7524 x 111) throughout the process. More information about the program can be found HERE.
By submitting your forms now, you have until the end of December to make your donation to qualify for 2019 tax advantages.  We suggest you start the process now to avoid the last-minute rush.
Your gift helps to do something for families that they could not accomplish on their own.  Thank you!

Please consult with your tax preparer regarding possible additional Federal Tax savings. 
Spread the Word!
All Saints Jr.-K Registration Event
Tuesday, July 30 , 11 am - 3 pm

Are you looking for a Junior Kindergarten program that prepares your 4 year-old for a lifetime of learning? 
Welcome to Our House! 

All Saints Catholic School offers a full day, academic Jr-K program. 
We also offer after-school care, affordable tuition and 
a multicultural student body.  
Learn more on Tuesday, July 30th 
11 am - 3 pm at the school, located at 3418 Noble Ave. 
Visit allsaintsric.org or call 329-7524. 

All Saints: Where everyone has an open invitation. 
It's a remarkable place!

 Some openings also available in other grade levels. All inquiries welcome!

Successful--and Sizzling--Summer Workday
July 20, 2019 (the hottest day of the year)

The heat didn't stop this motley crew! Thank you Notre Dame Club of Richmond, Deep Run football team, Scouts, parents and teachers for mulching, painting, cleaning and weeding. The school looks great! Check out photos HERE. 

Summer Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

School begins August 19

To access information about All Saints anytime , please visit our website  at www.allsaintsric.org  or visit our Facebook page HERE .
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