Prepare your firm for the COVID-19 economy with
Growth Driver insights.
Prosper Group’s audit identifies action steps to reignite growth.

COVID-19 has dramatically altered the way we conduct business and might continue to do so for some time to come. Growth is more difficult to achieve now than since the recession of 2008. There are so many difficult issues to deal with today, such as:
  • The overall direction of your firm… is it still working or do you need to shift gears?
  • The manner in which firms must generate new business leads.
  •  Increasing the agency new business win rate given fewer incoming leads.
  • Responding to a remote work force and reductions which may have occurred.
  • Keeping agency morale up as COVID-19 drags on.
  • How to organically grow clients by serving them in new (or more) ways.

COVID-19 has exponentially increased the importance of digital outreach and marketing to grow your agency. In-person networking and attending conferences and events are off the table for now and may be forever different even when things get back to “normal”. Also, in the COVID-19 environment your clients will be seeking more digital solutions from your team.

Our Growth Driver Audit will help identify what you need to do… and how to do it… in order to overcome these and other barriers to growth and success. It’s time to be developing the action plan for your rebound.

How to unlock your agency’s full potential.

The Prosper Group team of former agency owners and C-Suite executives helps agency owners identify and overcome barriers to growth. Our Growth Driver Audit is a comprehensive assessment of the seven critical factors that drive agency alignment, revenue growth and profitability.

Carefully assessing these Growth Drivers offers many benefits to agencies including but not limited to:
  • Ensuring clear direction and alignment of the entire agency to achieve it.
  • Enhancing your market competitiveness and brand differentiation.
  • Uncovering any significant weaknesses and how best to address them.
  • Identifying potential growth paths or new revenue streams.
  • Identifying opportunities for agency operational improvement.
  • How to retain and motivate key senior talent.
  • Understanding if executive coaching is needed to enhance leadership team performance.
  • Increasing revenue and profitability ongoing.
  • Adding measurable market valuation to your firm.

The seven keys to driving agency growth and profitability.

We will closely examine each of these Growth Drivers from multiple perspectives, then present our detailed findings, specific recommendations and proposed next steps.
Many agencies then use the findings and recommendations from the Growth Driver Audit to create action-oriented strategic plans which assign specific deliverables to senior team members while setting target dates and accountabilities. If you wish, we can also help you develop that plan.

We’re here to help.

Prosper Group exists to help the owners of independent marketing communications agencies achieve their ambitions and maximize the value of their life's work.

Our team of former agency leaders and owners focus their deep experience on implementing proven proprietary methodologies across our three practices of agency performance, owner exit planning and M&A transactions in order to drive owner and agency success.

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