Don't Let Compliance Get You In a Pickle

On average non-compliance costs organizations 300% more than the cost of being compliant. (Get Yourself Out of the Non-Compliance Pickle Jar, 2023 HR Morning)

Delaying compliance efforts will ultimately yield a steeper price in the form of business disruptions, productivity, and revenue losses, on top of steep fines penalties & settlement costs.

Can you afford the risk? 

Most HR pros would say “absolutely not,” but with constant updates to federal, state, and local regulations, it can be challenging for even the most diligent business executive and HR pro to a) not feel overwhelmed and b) get EVERY compliance issue correct.

So, how can you ensure proactive compliance and lessen the risk of non-compliance moving forward?

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Keeping your company ahead of the curve and compliant requires that you proactively develop and implement policies that not only serve your employees, but also follow the proper laws and procedures.

Across every industry, compliance is one of the biggest challenges companies face. In fact, compliance violations have dramatically increased since 2011. Employers and HR teams need to stay current with the ever-shifting legal requirements and make sure the law is applied correctly.

And in cases of noncompliance? The fines, fees, and penalties can have a severe financial impact as well as legal repercussions, and be detrimental to your company’s reputation.

Reach out to Alternative HR!

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