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November 2020 Issue
<Vol 1-35 2020>
Nurses Notes
A Letter To Self, A Memoir of Mon Fille
"Out of the Darkness with Purpose"
By Marie Corbin, RN, MSNc-PMHNPc,
Loyola University New Orleans

One day you are here and in a moment you are gone. On the day you left my physical world, I woke up thinking, “it’s another average day”, but in fact it would be the most memorable day etched in my soul for as long as I breathe.

Why? Because this would be the day that you couldn’t win your battle with mental illness.
Your constant intrusive thoughts, impulsive actions, immense sadness, uncertainty and active protagonists that constantly plagued and pushed your trigger buttons to the point of no return, no doubt left you to feel lonely confused and empty as you often told me.

The day I learned of your demise, with one of your brothers as my comforter, we travelled by car from Southern California to the Bay area-Marin County, for (6.5 to 7) hours to the place you and I loved so much. 

Once in your home, with all the Sheriffs, Detectives, and other Forensics Detectives gone,  I will never forget the overwhelming sense of your internal pain. I felt your last moments of your beautiful young life taken by your internal struggles. I could instantly feel in my soul your internal pain and I couldn’t help but hear your voice saying to my soul, “Mom I didn’t want to die! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I made a mistake!" My soul instinctively cried back to you all that day and night, “I know baby, I know you didn’t want to die!"

Again and again, I felt your soul cry out to me all that week in the Bay as we waited and waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity to hear more about what happened that day that made you feel that you couldn’t go on.

On June 04th, 2018, the day I saw as just another day, I would now forever see that day as the last day I will be denied your beautiful face, your crazy laugh, your sense of humor, my never being able to meet my future grandchildren, your warm and sensitive heart and even your life’s dreams. For on this day, my hope for your life became immense pain, immense pain then became numbness, numbness became action and then suddenly one day, action became purpose through God’s Grace.

Mon fille’ that grace now serves as my fuel to live for you, to fulfill your unaccomplished hopes, dreams, and to tell your story on how all mental illnesses are medical conditions that still requires more education, information and dedication to research and improved outcomes for those suffering internally and in darkness.

Update on our Suicide Prevention Campaigns:
Last month, October 27 2020, the So Cal Chapters of the
American Foundation of Suicide Prevention
(AFSP) held another successful “Out of the Darkness” virtual walk campaign.  The PHOSBC HALO team along with countless So Cal organizations came together to continue the fight on this important movement.  

Our goal in this movement is to continue to create awareness on this most important silent epidemic and we will continue "together" to do this work in your honor ma petite.  
Rest in Power, Mon fille’…

Saturday November 21, 2020 is recognized as
National Survivors of Suicide Loss Day please take a moment of silence with us...

Healing Note by: Ella Park, Waterville, Maine PHOSBC Social Prevention Grp Volunteer
Social Services Corner

How to Celebrate
Thanksgiving Safely During COVID-19 By Simi Randhawa, MSWc,
Tulane University, New Orleans

Thanksgiving. The holiday full of family, love and laughter is right around the corner. With that thought also comes an uncertainty due to COVID-19. Many of us have the same questions- "how are we supposed to enjoy this wonderful holiday with our loved ones?"

The answer, according to, is easy. You can dine virtually with your loved ones and still celebrate Thanksgiving as if you all were together in one place. You can also host a small gathering (roughly 6-8 people) with safety precautions such as quarantining before and after the celebration.

There is much more you can do to help keep you and your loved ones safe!

With all the uncertainty nowadays due to COVID-19, hopefully this message can alleviate some stresses you may have regarding Thanksgiving.

For more information on how to be safe during Thanksgiving, visit Covid 19 Safety Tips during Thanksgiving Gatherings
iHeal-Featured Story
For those experiencing Trauma by Robert Forkosh, MSWc
Tulane University, New Orleans
A big congratulations to
Robert on your success & upcoming graduation, You did it!! We will truly miss you.
*********************************For anybody experiencing trauma due to COVID-19 or other issues, there are ways to seek help. First, you can go to an integrated health care provider.

Integrated healthcare is where a primary care physician works together in the same office with other medical specialties to allow a patient to have access to a wide range of services in one location. Integrated healthcare is especially useful for those needing mental health treatment (such as those who experienced trauma) because it allows the various medical experts to collaborate and coordinate to find a specialized plan for each patient! 

For example, you can see a primary care physician and psychiatrist at the integrated healthcare office. Since the two of them can talk with each other, they can discuss what they are seeing and brainstorm possible medical or pharmaceutical solutions to help you. Childhood trauma can affect people into old age, as numerous adult diseases of aging are related to childhood adversity.

Stress during adolescence or childhood can lie dormant within an individual and only become transparent during adulthood. Members of the community should be aware of their history of trauma, even if it goes into childhood, to ensure they are seeing proper medical authorities to deal with their issue.

There are numerous screening tools for trauma and PTSD that people can take, such as the Trauma Symptom checklist, UCLA PTSD-RI, and others. Don’t be embarrassed about seeking help, as it can only help!


Photo Images Credit -PHOSBC Volunteers & Canva

"PHOSBC Fall Community News"
Our Covid 19 Response Impact Report
Our services has delivered (960) meals, over (1000) PPE supplies, over (200) Healing Notes, over (1200) Community Care Calls with (50) referrals to community partners. We want to give a shout out to all our Interns, University partners and volunteers who has been working tirelessly with us to deliver these services during a worldwide health crisis!! Thank You Sponsors!
A Special Note:
In October 2020 PHOSBC received its 1st cash Award from the
Santa Barbara Foundation to help us continue our fight for improved mental health services for the underserved Black and Brown populations during the Covid 19 epidemic! Thank u SBF!!!

Feeding our Seniors with Hot Meals, Mental Health & Wellness Supplies, Resources & Referrals, Telehealth, Monthly Shopping Services!!
Thanks to our community partners
The SB Foundation, Friendship Missionary Bap. Church,
Community Shuls Congregation of Montecito and Santa Barbara, 211.0rg,
Dignity Health, AARP, Embermills, The Minister Alliances, SB County
Behavioral Wellness
& Project Heal of SBC
SB 803 passed!
Peer Support Specialist Moving Forward in important Mental Health Services and we are right there with them. Congratulations
Marie Corbin, PMHNPc, for completing the State of Ca Dept of Health & Planning -Advance Peer Personnel Certification training from Crestwood Behavioral Health!!!
It is because of these wonderful sponsors, PHOSBC is able to assist our seniors and clients and bring in a sense of "together-ness" during these tough times.

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"We are practicing social distancing and have limited office hours"