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September 16, 2018

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Worship this Sunday
September 16, 2018
Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sermon: "Getting to Know You: Sustenance,"   Rev. Ben Robbins 

Liturgist: Karen Nootbaar

Music: David Daugherty, Director of Music, Chancel Choir, Rashmee Graczyk, piano

Chancel Flowers are given to the glory of God by: Bob & Cathy Koehler , in loving memory of Paul E. Koehler .

Stephen Minister Nancy Garver is available for prayer  near the front of the sanctuary after worship.

Fellowship Time immediately follows worship in Fellowship Hall , hosted by: Worship & Music

Need a ride to church? 
Call the church office (412) 364-0105 or email before noon, Thursday, and we will arrange for a church member to pick you up for Northmont's Sunday service.
This Sunday

Getting to Know You: Sustenance
Rev. Ben Robbins

Romans 8:18-30
Jeremiah 29:10-1 4
Terry Creagh and Peggy Meister both chose the same passage! Here's what they had to say:
Terry - "My favorite Scriptures are Romans 8:28 and Jeremiah 29:11. These two  verses have sustained me through life's failures, challenges, disappointments and tragedies.  Sometimes I could see God's hand at work, other times not. But over time, as I have relied on these promises, they have proven to be true. To know that God is concerned about my simple life, always causes me to rejoice."

Peggy - "Read this in worship for our youth camp and have clung to it ever since."
In case you missed it ...

Northmont September 9, 2018
You can listen to audio from last Sunday's worship service by clicking the link to the right.

September 9, 2018
"Getting to Know You: Self Worth"
Rev. Ben Robbins

Audio from all of our Sunday services may be found on our Web site or by clicking  here .
Ear Candy & Inspiration for a Sunday Morning

Take Six, If You Ever Needed The Lord Before
This week, we offer the incomparable a capella close harmony group,  Take 6, in a  live 1987 performance in Nashville, when they were still known as  Alliance, only to find someone else already using that name when they signed to Warner Bros. Records. Here's their rendition of "If We Ever Needed the Lord Before (We Sure Do Need Him Now) ."

Click the link to the left and enjoy!

I f you have a musical selection you would like to have featured in this space, we'd love  to hear from you! Please send the title (and artist, if it's important to you that we find a  specific version of the music) to Bob Addleman.
From the Pastor

Greetings, Everyone. 

I am continuing a sermon series I'm calling "Getting to Know You". This week, the verses requested are Romans 8:28, and Jeremiah 29:11. They are verses of encouragement in times of trouble. They remind us that God's love is steadfast, and surpasses any and all obstacles that befall us.

The passage in Jeremiah is written within a context of great peril and loss for Jerusalem. The people had been taken into exile to Babylon. They were ripped from their homes and forced to live in a foreign land. But God gives them these words:
This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says to all those I carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon:  "Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce.  Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease.  Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper."

Put another way: Grow where you are planted.

This is, of course, much easier said than done. We laud those who can do it, those who can pick themselves up and dust themselves off and try again- but of course it's not always that easy.

This week in particular, as we remember the events of 9/11/2001, we are struck by the long lasting effects of such a tragedy, particularly on those that suffered first hand.

It's easy to quote scriptures like Matthew 5:44: "... love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you," but it is a far more difficult thing to do yourself, let alone encourage that others do the same.

We need the space to be angry first, to lament, to grapple with our new reality before we can begin to grow or forgive.
People of faith far too often feel that they can never be mad, never break down. We must always be upbeat - stiff upper lip, head high, always grateful. But if you've ever read a Psalm and read some of the things David did and said, you'd know that is not always the case. For us, grace sometimes takes time.

My encouragement this week is that whatever season or issue that weighs upon you, that in it you can find grace. But as you work to forgive the other, remember to forgive yourself along the way.

Even if "God knows that plans that God has for us, plans to prosper us and not to harm us," it must also mean that a portion of that plan is the space to be human.

Give yourself that space. Give yourself that time - and then see what God has in store.

Blessings and peace everyone,
Explaining the Endowment

Endowments are an important part of the financial health of any nonprofit organization. While we don't often think of Northmont UPC as a nonprofit, in the eyes of the tax code that is exactly what we are, and indeed, our endowment is an extremely important part of our present and our future.

As you probably noticed in a recent bulletin, our endowment fund has been building over the last year. This is due to generous contributions received from the estates of recently deceased members and former members, donors making one-time gifts, and a favorable stock market.

One income component of Nothmont's annual budget comes from proceeds generated by the endowment fund. In fact, without these proceeds drastic program cuts would have been made over the years as part of the budgeting process.

A gift made to the endowment generates income to Northmont year after year after year. It enables Northmont to provide on-going help to those in need and it supports all the church's other programs. In short, it enables Northmont to show God's love. The endowment also serves as the ultimate "rainy day fund" and can be used in case of urgent financial need.

The Stewardship and Finance Committee reminds you to consider including Northmont in your estate plans. There are pamphlets in the Narthex to assist you. However, if you have any questions on this or any other endowment-related topic, please reach out to any member of the Committee.
Doc's Clef Note s
THE CHANCEL CHOIR rehearsals will resume Wednesday, September 19, at 7:15pm in the sanctuary.
THE BELLS   adult handbell choir  will begin rehearsals Wednesday, October 3, at 4:15p m , in the Bell Room/Christian Education wing.
See you in church!
David (Doc)
Sunday School

We'll gather in the sanctuary and then head to our classrooms after Time With the Children. Kids' worship bags are in the narthex stairwell.

Youth  meet Sundays at 9am in the Youth Lounge .

Adult Bible Studies
Impact Bible Study has joined "Starting from Scratch," Sundays at 9am in Fellowship Hall.
Adult Bible Study meets Sundays at 9am in the Mangochi Room.

Starting from Scratch  meets Sundays at 9am in Fellowship Hall.
Nursery Worship time childcare will be available in the nursery.Worship time childcare will be available in the nurser
The Nursery will be unsupervised for the summer. You are welcome to use the Nursery and listen to the worship service through the speaker in the ro om. Our nursery staff will return in the fall.
Wednesday Club Kids! It's almost time! The first "official" Wednesday Club wi ll
Join us this Wednesday,  September 19,from 5-7pm  for our first regular Wednesday Club of the season! There will be games, Bible study, music, and dinner for all. Grades K-5th welcome and feel free to bring friends!
Yout h Group Join us this Wednesday Join us thusis Wednesday     Join Join us this Wednesday for our first regular youth group of the program year! We will start with dinner at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall and then have some discussion and fellowship time and will end at 8pm. Feel free to bring friends!
Looking for a place to plug in? We are currently looking to fill a We are currently looking to fill a few slots in our Children's Sunday School rotation. You will be asked to teach only once every four to five weeks, and a curriculum will be provided, as well as any additional support you may want or need. Please speak to Steph if you are interested in helping in this amazing ministry to children.  
Triangles Picnic
You are invited o the Triangles picnic, Friday, September 21, at 4:30pm in Polley Fellowship Hall. Please join us for some good food and fellowship. Please call 
Mary Lou English, at 412-487-6619 or email mlbenglish@msn.com.
CPR/AED Training to be offered at Northmont
Life is full of surprises and you never know when someone around you might need first aid. Northmont will be hosting a CPR/AED/First Aid Training, Thursday, September 27 . This will be open to anyone in the North Branch of the Presbytery. We encourage anyone who leads a small group, Bible study, book study, or community group to attend this training. Dinner will be served at 6pm  in Polley Fellowship Hall, and training will begin at 6:45pm.  Cost is dependent on how many people participate. If you are interested in attending or have questions please contact Steph at steph@northmontchurch.org
All Alone?
Don't be.  God doesn't want us to be alone. God wants us to turn to others when things are bothering us. Stephen Ministers will walk with you through your troubles and be there for you when you need them. 

Contact Stephen Leader Nancy Garver 
at 724-935-2194 or nancylgarver@aol.com for more information.  

S tephen Minister Helen Traynor
is making hospital calls this week.
She can be reached at
Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers will hold a regular meeting, Thursday, September 20  at 7:15pm, in the Berean Room. This is the only meeting we have scheduled at the present time. Helen Traynor will let us know if another meeting should be scheduled later in the fall.
Tuesday mornings at 8:30 in  Fellowship Hall

This Week:
Ron Bergman
The Holy Spirit & Pentecost
Please remember in your prayers:
Our pastor, elders, deacons, committee members and all of the Northmont community
Our neighbors
Our students, near and far, who have returned to classes
All those affected by war
All those affected by natural disasters
All those affected by school shootings, violent crimes and other senseless acts of violence
All those who must, literally, today pray for their daily bread
All those who must meet secretly, in order to worship God
All those who suffer persecution for loving the Lord
All those in need of healing
All those who are bereaved
Our sister church, Mangochi CCAP, in Mangochi, Malawi
Our sister church, Second Presbyterian Church, in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania
Our global mission partners, the Ludwig family, the Weller family, and Kay Day
Members of the congregation who are seeking employment
The leaders of our federal, state, and local governments
All the men and women of our Armed Forces and our Veterans
Our enemies, as God has called us to pray also for them, even as we may not understand why
As The Piper is posted to the World Wide Web, privacy concerns dictate that we no longer publish the entire weekly Prayer Chain. If you would like to receive the Prayer Chain by email, please contact Jane Nicola or the church office.

am Sunday School
am Chancel Choir rehearsal Sanctuary
am Worship Sanctuary
11:00 am Fellowship Time Fellowship Hall
11:15 am Nominating Committee Library
5:30 pm 319 Youth Kickoff BBQ Hiland Presbyterian Church
pm Alcoholics Anonymous Fellowship Hall

10:00 am Staff Meeting Library
7:00 pm Scouts Fellowship Hall
7:00 pm Pittsburgh Boy Choir Board Library

8:30 am NBC Fellowship Hall
7:30 pm Session Mangochi Room
Wednesd ay

am Knitters Mangochi Room
pm Wednesday Club
Fellowship Hall
pm Youth Group Fellowship Hall
7:00 pm Scout PLC Mangochi Room
7:15 pm Chancel Choir Sanctuary

10:00 am Presbytery Meeting Crestfield
11:00 am AARP Fellowship Hall
7:00 pm Scout Committee Mangochi Room
7:15 pm Stephen Ministers Berean Room
Friday September 21
am Stretch 'n' Grow Fellowship Hall
9:30 am Project Linus Mangochi Room
4:30 pm Triangles Picnic Fellowship Hall


9:00 am Sunday School
 9:15 am Chancel Choir rehearsal Sanctuary
10:00 am Worship Sanctuary
11:00 am Fellowship Time Fellowship Hall
8:00 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Fellowship Hall

We'd love to hear from you!

Rev. Ben Robbins, Pastor

Steph Martin, Spiritual Formation Associate

David Daugherty, Organist & Director of Music

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