Debbie Dadey, Children's Author

Issue # 109 - October 2017

If I wrote a book with so many tragedies and natural disasters like the ones we've faced in the US lately, no one would believe it! I have been praying for all those who've suffered. Please keep my future daughter-in-law's extended family in your thoughts. They have only had one direct call in the three weeks since the hurricane hit Puerto Rico. The situation is quite extreme. Ana is a middle school art teacher and such a blessing for our family.
Have you written a short story with a diverse character? Then I have a contest for you. If selected, your story will be in a Random House book called Heroes Next Door, to be published in fall of 2019! Click here for rules.
Looking for a Halloween story or craft? Look no further! Click here
We need some good news!  Library Funding No Longer in Peril
In a victory for the newly-formed Corporate Committee for Library Investment (CCLI)--and for readers everywhere--the House of Representatives voted on September 14 not to make any cuts to the federal funding of libraries. The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) will keep its full funding package, and the House even approved a $6 million increase for the National Library of Medicine. There is more good news on the horizon because last month the Senate Appropriations Committee recommended a $4 million boost to the IMLS budget. The Senate won't get to act on this bill until later in the year, so it is still crucial for creators and artists to show their support and desire to #SaveIMLS. SCBWI Insight 10/1/17    
My Favorite Social Media pictures from this month:

I enjoyed visiting different bookstores to celebrate the release
of Mermaid Tales #17,
Ready for fun in Marietta, Ga
Ready, Set, Goal! This month I'll be at Books By the Banks in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 28th. It is so close to Halloween I feel a need to dress as a mermaid. Do I dare?
     Lots of amazing authors will be there, including Newbery award winner, Kate DiCamillo. I hope to meet her.
     Next month, I'll be visiting Lexington, Kentucky for the Kentucky Book Fair on November 17th (Children's Day) and November 18th. On the way there I'll be visiting schools.
      In December, I'll be driving to Murfreesboro, Tennesee for the TN Reading Association. Can I visit your school on the way? And in February I'll be in the Boston area. I hope to visit schools there. The last time I was in Boston, I was a prize in a Scholastic contest!
Have a great month, Debbie
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