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Ghana Reflections and Highlights: Day 2
NBCA Ghana Tour: Reflections from Day 2
  • We spent the day in Obuasi.
  • NBCA delegation met with President Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi and about 30 members of Baptist Convention of Ghana. Each pastor was introduced. 
  • Dr. Adu-Gyamfi gave an extensive history of their convention. 
  • Dr. Tolbert explained how the two conventions began. He expressed appreciation for the partnership.
  • During meeting, Dr. Tolbert appointed Dr. Cornelius Tilton as Deputy Secretary of Ghana. He will serve under direction of Rev. Dennis Jones,  NBCA Foreign Mission Board Executive Secretary. 
  • Group visited Bryant Mission Hospital / Dr. J. C. Sams (dedicated in honor of past NBCA President, Dr. J. C. Sams) and the Rev. John Carl Raphael Eye Clinic (dedicated to the memory of the late Foreign Mission Board Executive Secretary.)
  • Dr. Dennis Jones led tour with guidance of medical staff. They shared operations & needs:
  1. Water Bath is obsolete.
  2. Equipment needed for tests, reading tests, etc.
  3. Blood Bank is limited. Improvising at present. Equipment not available to read blood types and tests. 
  4. X-ray machine is over 15 years old; leaking radiation 
  5. Records department needs updated; digital system needed.
  6. The needs are so great! Our prayer is that this tour re-ignites our support; financially & prayerfully. 
What a blessing it was to witness history and the work that is supported by NBCA. 
To God, be the glory!

Submitted By:
Eartha Cross
President, NBCA MWMW 
Team Member, NBCA Ghana Vision Tour 

NBCA Vision Tour: Day 2 Photo Gallery

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