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100th Anniversary of Gibraltar Reservoir

Gibraltar, which supplies water to the City from the Santa Ynez River, opened on Janurary 26, 1920. Gibraltar is a reliable contributor to the City's current array of water sources including Lake Cachuma, groundwater, recycled water, desalinated water, imported state water, and the community's extraordinary conservation efforts. 

Recent media coverage about PFAS and their health effects has caused alarm about the safety of drinking water. The City has tested its water supplies and does not have an issue with PFAS contamination. Read our "PFAS: What You Need to Know" article to learn more. 

Every day, wet wipes, sanitary products, and other unsuitable items are flushed down the toilet instead of being put in the trash. Your toilet is an "only-human-waste-and-toilet-paper-zone". Help keep wastewater treatment costs down, sewer lines clear, and protect the environment by only flushing the three Ps.

These classes offer an overview of the concepts, design, and best practices in water wise gardening.

All classes are from 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the Louis Lowry Davis Center, 1232 De La Vina St. 

City's Collection System Staff Recognized

The City's Wastewater Collection System staff has been recognized by the California Water Environment Association's Tri-Counties Section as Medium Collection System of the Year for their efforts in significantly reducing the number of sewer system overflows in the past decade. Learn how staff maintain 254 miles of sewer mains and protect the health and safety of our community by ensuring safe delivery of wastewater to the El Estero Water Resource Center on our website
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Garden Wise: Do it Yourself

Santa Barbara Desalination Plant: 
The Supply Nearby
Santa Barbara Desalination Plant: The Supply Nearby

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