I bring you greetings in Jesus' Name.

I pray as you carefully read through each of these incredible stories you are reminded that God is working through you! Thank you for continuing to support Promise Child and reach the nations for Christ. While we still have time left on this earth, let us make the most of it by making much of Jesus.

Merry CHRISTmas to you and your loved ones from all of us at Promise Child!

"For a Child will be born to us, a Son will be given to us;
And the government will rest on His shoulders;
And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6

Until the last one hears,

Pastor Brent Kaser
Silvia and Doreen are sisters who have been Promise Children from the beginning of our work in Uganda. Their lives have been anything but easy. Their mother was ill for most of their childhood and she recently lost her battle with cancer.

To honor her mother, Silvia started training as a radiology technician. She was excelling in her studies until Covid hit. She could have given up or just waited for her school to reopen, but instead, she and her sister decided to use their support to start their own business - raising chickens!

We are so proud of these young women. Their determination to succeed, their positive attitude and most importantly, their love for Jesus, has been an example to all of us.
Christmas arrived early for our Promise Child Asia Children's Home! Thanks to some very generous donors, our home parents were able to purchase much needed laptops and a printer for the children so they could do on-line schooling. The printer will allow the children to print their assignments and scan their homework to their teachers.

The children were over the moon with excitement to also receive four new bikes to share! This act of love has meant a lot to these children, almost all of whom have been neglected or forsaken by their own family.
Through all the lockdowns and red tape, a ministry worker has been able to enter this country of Asia to come to live at our Children's Home. She is technically their live-in tutor, but she has already become so much more to these children seeking love. She also arrived with the gift of sewing machines, so our children will now learn a beneficial and fun skill!
One of our ministry partners, Global Media Outreach, recently contacted us after one of their missionaries conversed with a man in Uganda named Hafashimana for a few months. The missionary learned that Hafashimana, his family, and the village live in extreme poverty in the Kisoro district of Uganda.

Two of our Promise Child Pastors in Uganda traveled a few hours to find this village and Hafashimana. Unfortunately, the living conditions were far worse than imagined, and the need was verified. Families are starving, children are unable to attend school, homeless widows, extreme food and land shortage, unfruitful harvests, people are jobless, and without hope. Of course, the global pandemic has only made matters much worse for the Kisoro district. 
Thankfully, our ministry leaders had a fantastic opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Among the village, 17 individuals decided to give their lives to Jesus! Because of the overwhelming need, an open door for ministry, and your generous contributions, God is allowing Promise Child to send physical and spiritual aid to this broken village. With this funding, we will run a food program, help widows construct small homes, and hold community Bible studies. Please pray for the people of Kisoro.
Pius Kaditi lives with his mother in Uganda. His parents separated because of his father's alcohol abuse and inability to support his family. His mother tries to earn a living but it is not enough to support her children. Pius does well in school and is a very obedient boy. His favorite subject is math. Your support will provide Pius with school fees, books, a uniform, and two hot meals each day. Please pray that Pius will continue to do well in school and that all of his basic needs will be met.

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