Under the Sea, Under the Sea. Under the Sea!

We wanted to wish everyone a Happy Friday, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Week Before Christmas! 

What a great way to begin celebrating the holiday season in Los Angeles by paying homage to the sea! We had a little fun collecting items throughout BERBERE to create this diorama. We hope you enjoy it. 

If you click on any of the images, they will take you directly to a page that lists everything for purchase! BERBERE will be open until the evening of the 23rd!  

The Backdrop - Antique Pier Posts (Indonesia) 
The Table - Bozo Antique Hand-painted fish (Mali), Ammonites (Atlas Mountains), Blue Coral & White Coral (Western Pacific); Tribal Shell Necklaces (Bali) Treasure Box (Morocco) 
The Seafloor - Ammonites (Atlas Mountains), Giant Sponges (Philippines), Blue Coral (Western Pacific), a few antique necklaces (Africa-North Africa), Wool and cotton rugs (Turkey) 

Happy Holidays To All!