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No, this is not what our worship service will look like this Sunday, at Lamington Church!

The 1891 painting, "Ordination of Elders in a Scottish Kirk," by John Henry Lorimer, hangs in the National Gallery of Scotland. The image of mostly elderly elders depicted in this painting - with nary a woman in sight - belongs to an era of the life of Presbyterian churches when all elders were male, and could be re-elected indefinitely. Nowadays, we understand the eldership - and the diaconate as well - to be not so tightly connected to chronological age, and we welcome women as well as men to leadership. We also have a term-rotation system that requires elders and deacons to relinquish their seat at the meeting-table for at least one year in every six, so others may have an opportunity to serve.

Even so, those who will be ordained and installed this Sunday stand in a long tradition of service to Christ and his church. We are grateful to all of them for their willingness to step forward in response to God's call.

In the sermon this Sunday, we'll be looking together at the famous story of Jesus' feeding of the 5,000 in John 6:1-21. While there's a tendency to focus on Jesus as the one who performs this miracle, it was in fact dependent on the boy who shared his humble lunch of five barley loaves and two fish - as well as the disciples who canvassed the crowd, looking for contributions like his.

It's not a bad image to keep in mind as we think about leadership in the church. The Holy Spirit has distributed gifts to all of us. Our call is to identify what those spiritual gifts are, and to offer them back to the Lord for the good of God's people and, indeed, the whole world.

At a service of ordination and installation, we celebrate those gifts. Won't you join us in worship this Sunday, as we do so?

Gifts abound!

Sunday Worship
July 29, 2018

“Where are we to buy bread for these people to eat?”
-John 6:5b

This Sunday, we’ll join together in a very special act of worship: the ordaining and installing of elders and deacons elected by this congregation, to serve on the Session and on the Board of Deacons. Presbyterians and other churches of the Reformed Tradition are noted for generously sharing ordination in this way. In many other denominations, ordination is limited to those who serve as pastors. Our spiritual ancestors, John Calvin and John Knox, believed that gifts of the Spirit are shared more widely than that, and so the church ought to recognize this giftedness in our elected leaders by conferring on them the same ordination as those who preach.

The ordination questions elders and deacons answer are virtually identical to those ordained as ministers of the Word and sacrament; only the final question is particular to each order of ministry. All who lead congregations engage in a common ministry: insuring that the word is preached, the sacraments are celebrated and ministries of compassion, witness and service are offered to our communities and to the world. Together we serve. Together we witness. Together we seek to follow the Risen Lord into the world.

Those who have been elected to new terms on the Session and Board of Deacons are as follows:

Session, Class of 2019
Meridith Scott
Session, Class of 2020
Valerie Fraser
Jim Grubel - to be ordained
Greg Halsey - to be ordained
Alison Paine (second term)
Georgie Schley (second term)
Board of Deacons, Class of 2020
Cindy Campbell
Monica Immanual (second term)
Sandi Ramsay (second term)
Laurel Rose (second term)

Summer Vacation Time
for Pastor Carl

Pastor Carl will be away on vacation from July 30 through August 29. In case of pastoral emergency, please call the church office. After hours, from July 30 through August 17, please call the Rev. Claire Pula at (908) 910-5361; and from August 18 through 29, the Rev. David Widmer of the Bethlehem Presbyterian Church of Pittstown at (862) 324-3247.
Sunday Worship in August

Here are the ministers who will be preaching and leading worship during the month of August:

August 5 (Communion): The Rev. Christopher Belden , recently retired as Pastor of the Community Presbyterian Church of Mountainside, NJ
August 12: The Rev. Jeanne Radak, Presbytery Leader of the Presbytery of Newton
August 19: The Rev. Ann Shamy, Chaplain, Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center, New Brunswick (Ann was a former member and office manager here at Lamington Church when she received her call to Ministry of the Word and Sacrament.)
August 26: The Rev. Stan Purdum, writer, editor of the "Proclaim" sermon resource, and United Methodist minister residing in Bound Brook
The Rev. Cindy Strickland (Associate Pastor), The Rev. Kossi Ayedze, Joe Line (Music Director)
The Rev. Kossi Ayedze (2014)
Sylvie & The Rev. Kossi Ayedze (2012)
Etiam & Sylvie Ayedze
Nola Ayedze
Nanu Ayedze
Please Help!
Togo Clothing Drive

In the Fall of 1995, Lamington’s Mission Committee decided to send a committee of three to Princeton Theological Seminary to find a seminarian whom we as a church could take under our care. In the words of one on that committee, "we were looking for someone who “fit” our congregation, a place or person or type of ministry that we could feel connected to and uniquely qualified to support.” That person was Kossi Ayedze of Togo, West Africa.

Kossi came to Princeton in 1994, after graduation from Yaounde, Cameroon (Central Africa) with a bachelor’s degree. In May 1995, he was awarded his master’s degree in theology and accepted for a PhD. He was so happy to have this wonderful opportunity, but he was so lonely for his wife and infant son Etiam, born in April of 1995, back in Togo.

We provided Kossi with a vehicle so he could join our church family on Sundays and have the opportunity for fellowship. He talked of leaving Princeton so he could go home to be with his family. We could not allow someone of Kossi’s intellect (he spoke eight languages) to give up all he had worked for and quickly came to the conclusion that we had to bring Kossi’s wife Sylvie and son permanently to Kossi. After much hard work, Kossi’s family arrived in Princeton in August 1996.

In 2000, after graduation, the Ayedzes unselfishly returned to their dictatorship-run country. For many years, Kossi was headmaster of a private church school in Togo’s capital, which Lamington generously supported. He had run-ins with the government and his safety was threatened many times. He had continuing bouts of malaria causing him great tiredness. For twelve years, the members of Lamington committed to the needs of the school, its students, its library and the Ayedze family. Kossi became a Seminary Rector; and in the Fall of 2012, he and Sylvie attended the 200th anniversary of Princeton Seminary.

Upon returning to Togo, Kossi learned he had cancer of the lymphatic system. His treatments in neighboring Ghana seemed to be successful, so much so that the Presbyterian Church of Togo elected Kossi to be their leader. Shortly thereafter in March 2014, Kossi developed an infection related to his illness and died. He was 54 years old and had the potential to become a major leader among the Presbyterian churches of West Africa.

This is being written to ask for clothing donations for Sylvie and her three sons - Etiam 23; Nola, an American citizen born to the Ayedzes while living in Princeton, 18; and Nanu, nine years old. Although IRS regulations prevent us from receiving monetary donations earmarked for the Ayedze Family, we are happy to accept clothing donations that, through the generosity of a church member, will be shipped directly to them. Gently used and new items would be greatly appreciated. 

Sizes: Sylvie —shoes 9M - Dresses and Blouses size 12-14; Etiam —XL shirts, slacks 46x32; Nanu —M shirts, slacks 30x19; ( Nola —is fine. He is in school in Maryland with Sylvie’s cousin.)

Lightweight summer clothing only please!
Join Us
for Some Summer Fun!
Tuesday, August 7

We look forward to hosting our friends from Elizabethport (E’port) on August 7! The day will begin at Lamington Church at 10:00AM with a variety of craft activities. After, we will caravan to Christie Whitman’s farm for a picnic lunch, pool time, and yard games until 4:00PM. Everyone is welcome—this event is for all ages! We need helpers for leading crafts, and picnic donations of cold drinks, watermelon, ice cream bars, and chips. Fresh green salad and pizza will be provided. Please let Chris Smith know if you can join in the fun by emailing her at . Hope you can join us for some summer fun with our friends from E'port!
Thanks to the Lamington Black Cemetery Volunteers!

A big THANK YOU to those who have given of their time in recent weeks to spruce up the grounds of the Lamington Black Cemetery! They have cut back some vegetation, weeded and added fresh fill to some of the older graves that had subsided.

They have also replaced some deteriorated wooden crosses that mark graves that do not have headstones, and have refreshed the American flags displayed on the graves of veterans.

Special thanks to James and Gretchen Johnson, who donated a truckload of soil, and to community volunteers Dave Clark, Rich Johnsen and Felecia Nance, who joined the Lamington Church members who did this work.

The Black Cemetery is a New Jersey historical treasure. The land is owned by Lamington Church, and we have long exercised stewardship over this site. Although we are thankful that our society has long since abandoned the racial segregation that led to the Black Cemetery, we do honor the memory of these spiritual ancestors, who were part of our local church and community.
Save the Date & Join Us!!
Sunday, September 9

We will celebrate Kick-Off Sunday by having our annual BBQ on the front lawn immediately following our 10:15AM worship service on Sunday, September 9 . Tables will be set up; but if you prefer to picnic, please bring a blanket to sit on the lawn. Invite a friend to come and introduce them to Lamington Church. To help make this day fun and special, please bring your favorite salad or a finger dessert. We will also need volunteers for set-up and clean-up. If you have questions, please call Debby at (908) 832-7230 or Shelley at (908) 510-6961. Hope to see you there!!
Don't Miss it
Save the Date!
2nd Annual Big Band Event
at Lamington Church

Please save the date for the Second Annual Big Band Event at Lamington Church on September 15th from 5:30 – 9:00pm! Join us for an evening of great food, drink, music and dancing. We look forward to welcoming back the outstanding 18-piece jazz and swing dance band ‘Reeds, Rhythm and All That Brass’. Formal invites to follow. 
The cost is $50 per person , which includes beer, wine and h ors d'oeuvres buffet . Please invite friends and family whom you think would enjoy the event, too! 
Lemonade Sundays

Summer is here and it's time for Lemonade Sundays! Beginning in July, Lamington church will serve lemonade and iced tea during fellowship time after worship. The Lemonade Sundays schedule and instructions have been mailed to our hosts. You can also click on the links below to see if you are on the summer schedule and/or read the set-up instructions. If you are unable to host, remember to call Debby Johnson at  (908) 832-7230  or email at .

Sunday, July 29 - Georgie Schley
Sunday, August 5 - Jennifer & Randall Peach
Sunday, August 12 - open
Sunday, August 19 - Chris & Rich Smith
Sunday, August 26 - Odesa & Tim Stapleton

Upcoming Liturgists

Sunday, July 29 - Ritika Thomas
Sunday, August 5 - Joe Scott
Sunday, August 12 - Valerie Fraser
Sunday, August 19 - open
Sunday, August 26 - Ann Silk

Please call or email the church office if you would like to sign up for one of the open dates. A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office--stop by and check it out after worship and sign up for a Sunday or two!
Deacons on Duty

Sunday, July 29 - Join Gordon & Sallye Grubel
Sunday, August 5 - Joe Scott
Sunday, August 12 - Hunter Lewis
Sunday, August 19 - Eleanor Halsey & Mary Jenkins
Sunday, August 26 - John Gordon

A Note to the Deacons: To make a change to the Deacon on Duty schedule or to sign-up for Sunday duty, please call or email Monica Immanual at (908) 450-7278, . A sign-up sheet is also located on the bulletin board outside the church office.
The Upcoming Week at Lamington

Sunday, July 29
10:15AM Worship
Sunday, August 5
10:15AM Worship-Communion Sunday
The Rev. Christopher Belden, Guest Preacher
Tuesday, August 7
10:00AM Worship-Summer Fun
with E'port Friends, meet at LPC
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Regina Morris
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