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Simon Says Play with Your Child...

Play in Family Therapy, 2nd Edition
Eliana Gil, Ph.D.

Greetings from sunny Florida!  Well actually, it's not always sunny here.  We have had some cold fronts that reminded me a lot of living in the East Coast.  Only difference is:  Tomorrow always brings different weather.  We are continuing to acclimate to the weather as well as life of semi-retirement and caretaking.  So far, so good:  We've got lots of new routines, we've scouted out lots of good restaurants, we have golf, tennis, and line dancing galore, and we've even made some new friends.  We are still enjoying "nesting" and getting the house just how we want it.  I also look forward to my Wednesdays, when I consult and supervise and thoroughly enjoy that.  

TRAINING THROUGH WEBINARS:  I have purchased a webinar program from Adobe Connect and I will be developing some online courses on a wide range of topics.  I'm very excited to put this together and I'm open to your ideas about topics and other presenters! Stay tuned, I'm busy putting together curricula!

APRIL CONFERENCE:  The 3rd Annual 2015 Mid-Atlantic Play Therapy Training Institute is now open for registration!  It has been great fun putting together programs and we're even well underway for 2016!  It's hard to believe that it's already our third year doing this conference and we've had great reception. See below for details and registration information. 

My partners and I at Gil Institute have found a great way of staying connected and working on the growth of GITRE.  And speaking of that, below are some upcoming events and new services launching in 2015!

2015 SERVICE UPDATE - Eliana Gil
GITRE continues to be successful in providing helpful services to children and their families.  In an effort to meet the needs of our community, and after careful study of our referral patterns, we have expanded our established services. In addition to our ongoing assessment and treatment services, we have a number of new services to announce:

Extended Play-Based Developmental Assessment 
for Young Children (EPBDA-YC)
The EPBDA has broadened its target population to very young children (toddlers) and these assessments will rely more heavily on identification of developmental play and post-trauma play.

Trauma Assessment for Young Children (TAYC)
In addition to the Extended Play-Based Developmental Assessment that attempts to look at children's general functioning,  we have created and added an assessment of traumatic impact for referrals of children who have suffered either Type 1 or Type 2 traumas.  These assessments will focus on reviewing trauma-specific domains.

Therapeutic Parent-Child Sessions for Reunification 
Following Separation
These unique services fill a gap in services by providing clinical facilitation of parent-child meetings after periods of separation.  These services are not supervised visits, but instead, a family therapy or family play therapy approach to re-acquainting parents and children and maintaining a focus on children's needs for closure, re-establishment of trust, and promoting enhanced relationships. These services are particularly relevant to separations following marital or couple discord, or due to military deployment; foster and residential placements; parental incarceration; or prolonged hospitalization.

Parent-Child Assessments
Our parent-child assessments will focus on identifying parental strengths and vulnerabilities, as well as risk factors.  The Marschak Interactional Method may or may not be employed as part of a targeted assessment that specifically addresses referring issue or question.

Gil Institute will formally announce updated and new services, with detailed descriptions, by March 1, 2015. 



Azedah (Azi) Amirsadri, LMFT, RPT has been with Gil Institute since its' founding. As a full-time school counselor and part-time therapist, Azi has always been and remains an integral part of our clinical team.  


Dr. Eliana Gil interviews Azi about her background and current work with Gil Institute. Learn more about Azi's life and work!




George Washington University, MA Program:

 Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Lauren graduated from the University of Virginia in 2011 with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Studies in Women and Gender.  She is a second year student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master's Program at the George Washington University.  Lauren became a registered yoga teacher after graduating from UVA and teaches Baptiste Vinyasa Yoga at Dancing Mind in Falls Church.  At Dancing Mind, she developed a yoga program for children after completing additional training with YoKid, a nonprofit organization that makes yoga accessible to children and adolescents in the D.C. metropolitan area.   




Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

Uniformed Services University 

of the Health Sciences



Chantal received her B.A. in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003 and then was commissioned into the United States Navy.  After three years serving on ships and almost four years in the military intelligence community, Chantal decided that becoming a psychologist was her next path.  She has clinical training experience working at several local military hospitals and treatment facilities.  During these training experiences, she has worked with clients who cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and adjustment issues.  Chantal spent a full year with the Child and Adolescent Psychology program at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital conducting psychotherapy for children of military members from 4 years old through 18 years old. 


Equine Assisted Therapy Services


The HEARTS program (Hope through Equine Assisted Recovery and Therapy Services), is an ongoing collaboration between Gil Institute and Bridle Paths. Sessions are staffed with both a mental health and an EAGALA certified equine professional.


For more information about Katie Fallon and Bridle Paths, please visit

2015 Review of Gil & Shaw's Book

Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 41(2), 2015


"Gil and Shaw have created a book that gives clinicians a much-needed resource. Working With Children With Sexual Behavior Problems provides a therapeutic model and assessment tools for reaching children struggling with sexually problematic behaviors and includes their caregivers in the process. Although the book is meant for clinicians in the field, it provides vocabulary that one can use in speaking with and educating parents and communities...


...this book provides information that is not only useful to an experienced professional but also the novice clinician....the case studies provided in the book offer a range of cultural backgrounds, ages, and behavior patterns. With the publication of this book, Gil and Shaw have provided a resource not only for clinicians but also for parents seeking to learn more about their sexually troubled child..." Click for Full Text Review



mini-winter-landscape.jpg Boundary Project

For Boys, Ages 4 to 7 years

for children with sexual behavior problems


Circle of Security-Parenting Program


Processing Group for Supportive Caregivers of Abused Children and Teens


Group for Adolescent Girls with a History of Sexual Abuse

Group for Children with a History of Sexual Abuse


Group for Child Victims of Exploitation


Support Group for Children with Siblings in Treatment


HEARTS Equine-Assisted Services: Taking Referrals for Spring Groups


Click for a list of Seasonal Groups offered by Gil Institute 

APRIL 9, 2015  11 AM to 1 PM

Spring Networking Luncheon at Gil Institute!

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April 10 - 12, 2015  *  Arlington, VA
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(minutes from Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival)

co-sponsored by Starbright Training, 
Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery & Education, & Expressive Media

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