I hope you enjoyed the weather this past weekend. We're in for a change today. Doesn't Mother Nature know it's the end of April?

This week staff are coming in to close down their classrooms. Next week, students will come back (ten minute shifts) to gather any materials they left behind. Please see the sign up sheet below.

Please call 524-7146 with any questions you may have. All messages are checked and are routed to the appropriate person.

Stay safe everyone! We miss you!

Anthony Sperazzo
Prom has been canceled due to COVID-19. We met with the junior class officers and they understood. We are trying to have a Homecoming dance in the fall so there can be some gathering if safe to do so.
Picking up your materials
Students have the opportunity to come in to gather any materials they left behind. 
  • Students (in shifts) come in to clean out their lockers and gather any supplies they left beginning on May 4, 5, 6, 7 in ten minute shifts (escorted by a staff member) 
As of May 8, the building will be shut down and you will not have access to it. 

In early June, we will establish a safe system that will allow you to drop off books, Chromebooks, uniforms, band equipment, etc. This will, probably, also be the time that we will hand out caps and gowns to our seniors. More info to follow in the coming weeks. 
If you need to obtain medications from Nurse Jenkins, please have your parents contact her directly at  mjenkins@sau73.org

Please  SIGN UP HERE  for a time slot IF you need to enter the building and gather your belongings. If you have questions about this process, please contact, Director of Athletics, Rick Acquilano at  racquilano@sau73.org  or 524-7146 x251.
The Senior Class purchased one yard sign for every senior! Signs being planted on Monday afternoon. Take a picture next to your sign and Tweet it at Gilfordhigh.

Danielle Cook, Gilford resident, is creating these. Click here for more details.
School Board Meeting
Monday, May 4 6:00pm
If you are encountering technical issues, please contact Corey Nazer (cnazer@sau73.org) or Jenny Wyatt (jwyatt@sau73.org)

We miss you!

Click the picture to hear from Mrs. Hengstenberg.
Policy Committee Meeting
Monday, May 12 7:00am
GHS Giving Back
Dan Caron is making face shields for the New Hampshire Veteran's home in Tilton. Thanks Dan!
Do you want to find out if you like a certain field?
Contact Dan Caron so he can work with you to set up an internship for the fall or next year. Many of you have already contacted him. This is the time to connect. dcaron@sau73.org
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