Dear Members,

I wanted to let you know about information that we sent to a reporter with Oklahoma Watch and to Secretary of Education Ryan Walters.

Jennifer Palmer with Oklahoma Watch asked about the plan to give teachers access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Here is what I emailed her:

"The race is on to be vaccinated. One way to possibly secure a vaccination is to start looking on every county health department’s Facebook pages to see if there are any openings to sign up for the vaccination.

In Phase 2, there are the First Responders who are in part 1 of this phase, the next part, part 2 of Phase 2 should be starting now. The information we are hearing is somewhat confusing, but we are trying to make sure teachers get vaccinated in the First Responders category.

However, if you are 65+ or are a teacher with morbidity then you are in the Phase 2 category, Part 2."

On an additional note, please let us know if you have heard of your city/county health department giving vaccinations at your school site in the future.

Hope is coming!