This is the beginning of Girasol Consulting's fourth year, and I thought I'd share what is happening!

Over the years,
Girasol has honed a distinct focus on education, journalism, and art that advances more equitable frameworks for learning and storytelling.

The work I support asks, 
  • "How can we foster empathy and engagement in new, institutional ways?"
  • "How can we put the new majority - young people and people of color - in charge of shaping what that looks like?" 
Keep reading for profiles of grants and programs that answer these questions.

 Girasol Consulting Client Wins
Ashoka Innovation Fund Grant 

Environmental Charter Schools in South Los Angeles won an Ashoka grant award in support of its Green Ambassadors Institute program for teachers. 
Green Ambassadors Institute is a learning lab offering professional development for educators and organizations looking to implement hands-on sustainable education. It has reached 70 schools throughout Southern California.

The grant is specifically for the Biodiversity in Action conference, a joint "curriculum hack" between educators, students, and social justice advocates on April 16th, 2016.

If you or any educators you know would like to join, please refer to this link here. 

Zocalo Public Square Publishes
Emily's Think Piece on 21st Century Suburbs 

What do the outer suburbs of Los Angeles and Sao Paulo have in common? (Hint: it might be the next big thing.) Find out in my essay,  You Can Thank the Suburbs for the Trendy Ramen Burritos Downtown. 

The article spent some time on the Zocalo homepage, and got picked up and
re-tweeted by academics and reporters from LA to New York to Mexico City to London.

You can read the article - and comment, if you'd like! -  here.

HAF Continues With 2nd Year of
National Internship Program Girasol Helped Launch

In May 2014, Girasol and the Washington, DC-based Hispanic Access Foundation (HAF)  furiously typed up a proposal to the National Park Service for a wild idea: a summer jobs program that enhanced the leadership of young Latinos as stewards and protectors of their local public lands and natural resources.

Lo and behold, our application got funded and HAF brought talented Latino students to make their mark on the nation's parks in summer 2015.    

Read all about the program's first year here

The program was so successful that NPS branded it as the National Latino Heritage Internship program, and NPS is now providing it for a second year in a row. 23 new undergraduate and graduate students will be selected to  work alongside NPS historians, interpreters, archaeologists, architects, and curators on projects in different park units, offices, and historical sites throughout the US this summer. All positions are paid. 
To get a better sense of the program,  watch this video here.
If you know of any young Latinos 18-35 who might be interested in applying, please have them do so via this link here by THIS SATURDAY, February 6th.

Girasol Consulting To Be Quoted in 
Article on Diversity in the Arts
MuseSalon Collaborative Founder Malesha Taylor quoted Emily in a forthcoming article on diversity in the arts for HowlRound.


MuseSalon is a firm dedicated to building best-practices in arts-based community engagement.  Their goal is to bridge the gap between  artists, arts organizations and the greater community through meaningful dialogue and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Look for the article on Twitter and Facebook soon!

 Girasol Celebrates Three Years! 

Three years ago, I started out on this journey to consult. Girasol means 'sunflower' but it literally means to "go around the sun" - and that describes my practice!
Since 2013, Girasol has helped launch grant-funded programs, counseled clients, or taught grantwriting and b-to-b communications workshops in cities across the Americas: 

  • New York
  • Washington, DC
  • Los Angeles, 
  • San Francisco
  • Philadelphia
  • Miami
  • Denver
  • Charlottesville
  • Bogota, Colombia 
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil

                     Girando El Web: Fresh Takes On Social Sector 

Here are some smart pieces that help us think through our work in new ways: 

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