Decades ago, the Beatles sang, "I want to be a paperback writer." And centuries ago, Karl Marx dreamed about being able to "hunt in the morning, to fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticize after dinner, just as I have in mind..."

This harvest season, I'm grateful for opportunities to span out beyond my traditional grantwriting role and try on some extra hats. Gallery artist? Sure. Curator? Why not? Sunday School teacher? Rad! One might wonder - now is that just freelance FOMO? Well, no. Just hashtag blessings. There's much news to share - so let's go. :)


I'm consulting for a wonderful group called the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN).

INN is a network of almost 150 nonprofit newsrooms providing civic and investigative reporting for thousands of communities nationwide. These are newsrooms of agile innovators, creating opportunities to help engineer a new media ecosystem, one that is inclusive, engaging and provides millions of people with trusted information.
INN is supported by the Democracy Fund, the Knight Foundation, Open Society Foundations, and other funders. See who their members are here, and sign up for their newsletter  here. 

I've been selected to be a grants panelist for the  
National Endowment for the Arts! 

I can't say which panel  I'm on yet for programmatic reasons, but I'm looking forward to  supporting some great projects.

I started a new role at  Azuza Pacific University's Writing Center,  providing hands-on coaching to students across disciplines. It's rewarding work in a warm environment. 


I'm contributing an original media art work to a Downtown LA gallery show called Static.  The show investigates the electric buzz of communication and its effect on the tellers and the receivers. 

The opening will kick off with a panel discussion I curated called, "Fake News, Real News, and Trust in Journalism." We have a truly incredible line-up: Robert Hernandez, a USC Annenberg professor whose focus is exploring and developing the intersection of technology and journalism,
Sara Catania, who recently launched JTrust, a newsletter that collects and curates the latest efforts to restore the public trust in journalism, and Dani Dodge, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist turned visual artist.

The opening will take place at 4pm on Saturday, December 2, 2017. The exhibit then runs at Durden and Ray through December 30, 2017.

I'm delighted to join a truly great team of artists and storytellers that I know from my Spanish-language radio days to help produce Atras La Pared, an exciting documentary project about the Xolos de Tijuana soccer club and their transnational fan base along the U.S. - Mexico border.

Atras La Pared is a fiscally sponsored project of the
International Documentary Association (IDA).


I finished my Johns Hopkins University guest lecture this week! It was wonderful to see students absorb and articulate the concepts of "leading with the lede" and differentiating value.

I'm also teaching a Rhetoric section for the Honors College at APU and 4th & 5th grade Sunday School class at All Saints Church, Pasadena. We focus on textual analysis and social-emotional learning.

Our "A is for Activist" classroom lesson 

So You Think You Can Freelance? 
Three Tips To Help Your Hustle 

I published an article on LinkedIn titled 
So You Think You Can Freelance? Three Tips To Help Your Hustle.
You can read it

Also, check out my new website! This is the first time I've redone my website since 2014. I have some new blog posts up about the eclipse, and other subjects.
Did you miss any past issues of the Girasol newsletter? 

If so, you can access past issues here.

Now that school's in session I'm not sure how often I'll keep up this newsletter up, but I'll see you out there on the Interwebs!

Caetano & I at the recent Harvest Festival at Environmental Charter Middle School-Inglewood 

Happy harvest season!