Gird Valley is organizing
and needs you!

Gird Valley painting, courtesy of  Mijoa Rho.
When development threatened the fallowed golf course in Gird Valley in early 2016, neighbors organized to save the property. The 116-acre property has been the heart and soul of Gird Valley since the 1960s and its loss would have been a tragedy for Fallbrook.
After months of false starts and broken deals, escrow closed on the property on November 15, 2016. The new owners, Jade and Julie Work, are long-time Fallbrook residents. They have begun the transformation of the neglected property into a working vineyard with an Italian-themed restaurant and wine-tasting room. Single sycamores are becoming groves, trellises are being constructed and soon the vines will be planted. The Works have also committed to preserving the property from future development through the use of conservation easements, a great gift to the community.
Against this backdrop, has transitioned into and is interested in adopting a selection of beautification projects for Gird Valley. The projects involve working with private and public organizations and the Gird Valley, Fallbrook and North County community. To this purpose, we are looking for volunteers and fiscal sponsors committed to the future of Gird Valley.
We've received several suggestions and look forward to hearing yours! Some of the beautification project ideas for Gird Valley we've compiled so far include:
Suggested To Do List For Gird Valley

Aesthetics along Gird Road:

Harmonizing fencing along Gird Road and hiding/enclosing/burying:
  • AT&T equipment on Gird Road at Sugar Pine
  • garbage cans on Sugar Pine
  • utility poles and wires, transformers
Flora and fauna along Gird Road from Live Oak Park to 76:
  • offering arborist services to seniors for tree trimming and tree health
  • secure funding for conservation easement costs
  • 2 for 1 tree donations with local nurseries
  • hedging materials along Gird Road
  • secure grant for Live Oak Creek of debris and invasives
  • request Bonsall Unified School District (BUSD) board members choose another site (not Gird Road) for its high school. BACKGROUND: Fallbrook Union High School declared in 2010"[T]he district has determined that the Gird Rd. site is not suitable for construction as a school site because of the current costs to modify the topography of the land, environmental impact mitigation, and the property's proximity to the Sycamore Ranch development." Funding for a proposed high school on Gird Road has lost at the ballot box five times but BUSD, which now owns the property, continues to move forward with attempts to build a 1,500-student school on Gird Road.
Mark your calendars: We'll be holding a meeting at 6 PM, March 14, location TBD. 

Until then, we look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support of beautiful Gird Valley!
Joan McConnell and Teresa Platt
Steering Committee Members

  • Visit our website, urge your friends to sign up for our emails. 
  • Volunteer your time and/or donate to help with expenses.
  • Attend the meeting on March 14, 6 PM, location TBD.
  • Add comments to news articles about Gird Valley. Keep the discussion going!

Protect Fallbrook's rural character!
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who worked in 2016 to save Gird Valley! We look forward to working with you in 2017 and beyond!