January 13, 2018
How to participate as a Family Scouting pack and welcome girl dens starting on January 15th.
January 15 th is almost here, and with that comes our first girl Cub Scouts! For our packs that are eager to take part in family scouting, this is the procedure:

Prior to officially becoming a family scouting packs, please complete these tasks:
  • Have a minimum of four girls eager and ready to register into a new all-girl den , into your existing pack
  • Meet with your committee and leaders and commit to using the current Cub Scouting program and resources as well as be willing to uphold membership policies
  • Be willing to provide input and feedback about their activities and experiences to help improve the formal roll-out; this information may also be used in marketing and earned media outreach.
  • Ensure that all of your leaders are trained in their positions. Please remember that the trainings can be done online.
  • At least one of your leaders must have taken part in the family scouting information session, either through TrEx or online.
  • Meet with your committee and leaders and develop a program plan to ensure that the new Cub Scouts can accomplish all rank requirements by the end of this program year.
  •  Familiarize your pack leadership with the online register process as all the girl Cub Scouts must register online.
Welcoming Girl Dens to your pack?
Will you be participating in the soft launch/early adopter program?
Once you have completed these steps, please meet with your charter organization to discuss their organization serving girls through Cub Scouts. During this meeting please bring the Family Scouting Charter Agreement . The agreement discusses family scouting and gives your institutions three options for the Cub Scout program:

  • We will continue offering the Scouting program through a boy only Cub Scout Pack.
  • We will continue offering the Scouting program through a boy only Cub Scout Pack, but would also like to start a new girl only Cub Scout Pack.
  • We will continue offering the Scouting program through Family Scouting, inviting both boys and girls to join one pack – but offering single gender dens.
  • If your institutional head agrees to your pack including girls, please have them check off this option. The form must be signed by the institutional head and the pack committee chair. Once this is done, please return the form to your unit serving executive.

Once the form is returned, GNYC will activate your unit to be a family scouting unit . Your committee chair or Cubmaster must then go into BeAScout.org and verify this choice. Your pin will then be updated to a family scouting pin and you will be able to register girls!