November 4, 2019

Dear Parents,

Bais Yaakov Middle School is pleased to welcome back Mrs. Sarah Ottensoser, a speech and language pathologist and communication specialist. She is currently employed by Shemesh, and for over ten years has implemented an exciting, successful and innovative program at the Middle School. This program, called Girl Talk, meets once a week for six weeks, and is a communication/friendship-building workshop taking place at lunch time.

We are once again offering Girl Talk to the sixth grade and will rotate the group members to include as many students as possible throughout the school year. Group size is usually limited to 8-10 students to ensure a comfortable, low-stress environment. We will be forming separate groups which will alternate every six weeks.We hope that by the end of the school year we will be able to include everyone who is interested in joining. (Additional information is included below.)

Bais Yaakov is delighted that Shemesh is reaching out to our school by offering this program to your daughters at no cost to the parents. You can enroll your daughter in the program by signing the form at the bottom of this letter. Please return the form to school to Mrs. Stern's attention by Wednesday, November 6th. We will try to accommodate all requests, however due to the popularity of this program we cannot guarantee definite placement.
Please contact Mrs. Ottensoser at 443-326-1466 or Mrs. Stern at 443-548-7700 ext. 216 (leave a message) with any questions about Girl Talk.
Thank you for your interest, and have a wonderful week.

Rabbi Naftoli Hexter
Mrs. Tzivi Stern
6th Grade Counselor

Girl Talk Information 

Sixth grade is a transitional year in many ways. Peer relationships change, new
friendships may need to be developed, and communication demands on students increase  both in and out of the classroom.

Topics in the communication/friendship-building workshop may include:

* qualities in a friend
* friendship tools
* joining in a group
* being left out of a group
* being a good leader/follower.
* the importance of communication
* aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication
* speaker and listener responsibility
The workshop will be tailor-made to fit the needs of the group and engage the students in role-playing activities. In addition, participants build self-confidence through fun, interactive games and activities.
The students who have participated in this program were excited to be a part of this club, and when questioned, said the following:
"I would participate in the program again and recommend it to my friends."
"I felt I gained valuable skills that enable me to communicate more effectively and relate better my friends, teachers, and family members."