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"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other."

~Burton Hillis

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December 2010
Issue 38
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'Tis the Season for Gossip

By Sara Rowe

Unfortunately, we girls have a reputation as gossips. When we get together and talk, usually it is about more then just our own lives. We talk about what is going on in our friends' lives, how our sister's relationship is on the rocks, and the office romance that we suspect is going on. And during the Christmas season there is even more fodder, whether it is the reindeer sweater that a coworker wore to the office party or an awful gift a friend gave you. Usually we don't stop to think whether what we are saying is unkind, hurtful, or simply should be kept to ourselves. We tend instead to feel the temptation to share the juiciest tidbits that we have recently learned.

When it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter whether what we are saying is true or not. When we talk about another person who is not present and therefore is unable to defend themselves or tell their side of the story, it is gossip. Even if your intentions aren't to hurt the person you are gossiping about, this is usually what results. Gossiping spreads rumors because once one person talks about another, it will spread to other people and can even morph into something totally false. Then the person you were originally gossiping about will find their secrets public knowledge, that they are being judged and talked about behind their backs, and that perhaps people are spreading rumors about them that aren't even true.

How to Stop Gossiping

+ Think about your motivations for gossiping before you open your mouth to say anything. Are you angry at the person and want to hurt them? Does it make you feel better about yourself to report others slip-ups? Get to the root of what you are feeling instead of using gossip as a release.

+ Heard the saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"? Use it to stop yourself from gossiping before you start.

+ When gossip starts among your friends, try to redirect the conversation to a more positive topic. Go ahead and tell your friends that you aren't judging them for gossiping but you are trying to stop participating in it yourself.

+ When gossip does come up, be bold enough to challenge it. You may even want to bring the subject of the gossip into the conversation so they are able to give their side of the story.

+ If hurtful gossiping persists in your circle of friends, you may need to remove yourself in a polite way from these conversations. Perhaps it is time to examine the friendships you have and seek out more positive, kinder people as friends.

+ Use every opportunity you have to build the people around you up, instead of tearing them down. Instead of gossiping behind a person's back, encourage and compliment them to their face.

Can You Relate?
Girlie Girl Shop's Advice Column
Got a question about relationships, your health, fashion or something completely random? Send it in and you might see your question answered by Sara in next month's newsletter. Send in your questions to the "Can You Relate?" advice column by emailing

I have so many people that I have to get gifts for this year, and as usual I am clueless as to what to buy. How can I get my friends and family gifts that they actually will like?

-Gifted Out

This is a dilemma that many shoppers have every year around Christmas time. That's why so many people end receiving stock gifts such as body lotion and nuts. If you really want to find gifts that fit a person's personality, be a little sneaky. Use your camera phone to take pictures of their bedroom, a favorite outfit or collection. Then use them for inspiration while you are shopping. Store employees always are asking if you need help finding something, so take advantage of their knowledge of the store you are shopping in and show them the pictures for assistance in finding items that reflect the style that your friend or family member loves. If you are crunched for time, find out what their favorite stores are and get a gift card. Another great idea is putting together a themed gift based on the person's interests. For example, give a book lover a new book by their favorite author, a fleece throw, and hot chocolate. If you are shopping for a person that you don't know well at all, go online and find a gift guide for their gender and age group. If you are shopping for a teen girl, a Guide I recommend is on Girl Zone's website at Girlie Girl Shop has products featured on the guide.

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