From the very beginning, Girls Inc. has had a singular focus: to equip girls and young women to reach their fullest potential and become strong leaders. We know that when girls are healthy, have the resources and opportunities to learn, and have the confidence and skills to speak out -- that's when girls succeed. According to recent results of a rigorous, comparative study conducted by the American Institutes for Research from 2017-2019, third-party data demonstrates that the Girls Inc. Experience works. Across 24 dimensions, Girls Inc. girls did significantly better than girls who h ad not had the Girls Inc. Experience.

Girls Inc. girls are more likely to engage in pursuits and express beliefs that lead to physical and mental wellbeing, academic achievement, and strong character and leadership. Keep reading to learn more.

Join us for Girls Inc. of Long Island's 2020 Brea kfast:

Announcing our Girls Inc. Girls Panelists:     
We are thrilled to have two Girls Inc. girls join our interactive panel at our Breakfast on March 26, 2020. Come be part of the conversation on how girls are uniquely powerful in how they lead, break down barriers, and advance our communities. Together we will explore how women in power can help us impact our
communities and change them for the better.
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"Power of the Girl" Spotlight:
Girls Inc. Girls Speak at the National Luncheon  
Girls Inc. of Long Island Girls Speak at Girls Inc. National Luncheon in NYC!

On March 3, 2020, four Girls Inc. of Long Island girls (Chanelle, Erika, Alesia, and Anita) spoke about how Girls Inc. inspires them to be stronger, smarter, and bolder at the Girls Inc. Annual Luncheon in New York City. Click the link above to watch the video! 


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