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Brothers and Sisters of the Pan Am Family,


No matter where we are or what God has called us to do in service to Him, we are certain that none of us can deny we have been greatly blessed, and our roots firmly planted in our faith thanks to our days at Pan Am.  As current members of the Pan American Board of Trustees who are Alums, the four of us would like to urge you to join us in support of our dear alma mater.  As we approach our second century we need to come together as a family: physically, at the Centennial Reunion of all alums at Graduation May 18-19, and financially, by "buying" bricks to build a much needed Student Center, and especially by giving generously to the Alumni Scholarship Fund.


Today there are 170 students from Mexico, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the U.S. enrolled at Pan Am, which means the dorms are over capacity... imagine bunk beds in many rooms.  But it also means that the place is bustling with activity...boys baseball, girls soccer, 4-H, and prom is just around the corner.  In May 44 seniors will graduate and already most have been accepted to college.  That's 44 new alums!


The hope and promise which these seniors carry with them as they leave must continue to be there for the students who follow.  This year only 15 students pay everything, which means over 90% of our students receive financial support from Pan Am. That amounts to one half of the annual budget of $2.5m; we grant more in financial aid than the total budget of the school 15 years ago.


 You may have heard about the newly published History of Pan Am, entitled "Planting Trees." We came to Pan Am as young "shoot-like shrubs" with the same uncertainties, dreams AND financial need as students today.  But with God's help we "made it," we became strong trees, and so can the students of tomorrow with the help of people like you.  So, let's join hands and hearts to guarantee that there will be a Pan Am for the next generation of bright leaders for the church, the nation, and the globe.


Cesar Morales Hernandez (Class of '58)

Graciela de Lugo Lauro (Class of '61)

Lidia Serrata Ledesma (Class of '66)

Patricia Hsu Payan (Class of '86)





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