Dear Give Big Kern Partners:
We at Kern Community Foundation know that our Nonprofit Community needs funding support now more than ever.
That's why we're
Is Give Big Kern
still happening, Billy the
Give Big Goat?
"Y-e-e-e-s! Very much so!" Upholding the tradition of hosting an ONLINE Day of Giving for our entire community to support Kern's hard-working nonprofits by setting aside "One Day to Celebrate the Giving Spirit of Kern County," Kern Community Foundation is moving forward with Give Big Kern, which is still scheduled for May 5. Our theme is still "Give Like It's a Fiesta!" to add a ray of sunshine in otherwise dark and uncertain times. The period for donating to nonprofits through is still April 5 - May 6.

Why? As an ONLINE fundraiser , Give Big Kern is the ideal way for nonprofits to maintain safe social distancing while raising funds that are most needed at this time , as a number of charities have had to cancel live fundraising events and even scale back work hours in the interest of public health and safety. You can use Give Big Kern to raise funds that did not materialize for your agency in March or April. And, as Billy likes to point out:
"R-e-m-e-e-e-m-b-e-r: Dollars raised through Give Big Kern are u-n-r-e-s-t-r-i-i-i-c-t-e-d!"
What's changing?
Much as we love the public events that help raise awareness about Give Big Kern, we must cancel April events as follows:

April 21 Press Conference - Canceled

April 25 Meet & Greet the Nonprofits +
Driven to Give Charity Test Drive - Canceled

We will revisit events scheduled for Give Big Kern Day, May 5, in late April, after reviewing public health guidelines that continue to evolve daily, and advise accordingly at that time.
What's beautifully staying the s ame?
Your chance to grow your agency's Visibility, Capacity and Sustainability is still ONLINE at! Do not lose sight of all you've learned through Give Big Kern trainings, which we completed last week just in the nick of time! Put your marketing and fundraising skills to use!
  • Promote your Give Big Kern campaign on social media and let the world know they can donate money or pledge volunteer hours to YOUR agency starting April 5!
  • Use the hashtag #GiveBigKern to call attention to your efforts.
  • Enlist Fundraising Champions to help you with your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.
  • Seek out Matching Gifts.
  • Use the Support Areas feature on the Give Big Kern website to highlight Fundraising Campaigns for your greatest needs at this time!
  • Compete for fun cash prizes from Kern Community Foundation, thanks to our generous sponsors, to reward and augment your fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts.
  • Those of you who signed up for broadcast and print media opportunities will be receiving follow-up instructions in the very near future. Remember: With lots of down time at home, people will be reading, watching television and engaging on social media a lot. TELL YOUR STORY! This crisis can be your opportunity to showcase your agency in a positive, uplifting way to a community that is hurting for good news.
Stay Tuned for Announcements
  • We will continue to work with you and our media partners to give much exposure to all participating agencies.
  • We will continue to regularly update the Events page of Check it often.
  • Share our e-mails to you as a Give Big Kern Administrator with the rest of your agency's Staff and Board!
  • Our promotional sponsors are still in business. Support them by ordering online or by phone for pickup or delivery!
We will get through this.
And we'll be stronger for it as nonprofits.
Give B-i-i-i-g!
Kern Community Foundation
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