About Giving is Gorges

The purpose of this powerful giving experience is to unite our community members around causes in which they truly believe and support local nonprofit organizations doing important, impactful work.

Giving is Gorges, established in 2015 by a collaborative group, is now hosted by United Way of Tompkins County with Visions Federal Credit Union sponsoring the event on the GiveGab platform. As with all United Way donor designations, 100% of donor gifts will go to their chosen nonprofits.

On June 21 -- a powerful day and traditionally United Way's "Day of Action" -- we will collectively generate excitement and multiply resources for organizations doing great work all over Tompkins County. This is a unique opportunity to highlight how we can work together to share commitments and build a stronger sense of community.

Please help us spread the word about this impactful day as we continue to encourage Tompkins County to give gorges-ly.
To the Members of Tompkins County’s Communities.

It is a privilege to have United Way of Tompkins County host Giving is Gorges 2022!

When GiveGab was planning the first local day of giving, our United Way was invited to be a part of the discussions. Since that time, GiveGab has not only demonstrated proof of concept, but they have also facilitated successful philanthropic efforts across the country.  

UWTC is honored to have the trust and support of GiveGab and our corporate sponsor, Visions Federal Credit Union. Without the generosity of these two special corporate citizens, Giving is Gorges 2022 would not be taking place and a critical community-wide source of philanthropic support would be lost.

Over the next few weeks, GiveGab, Visions Federal Credit Union and UWTC will build upon and expand the success and impact of Giving is Gorges. In doing so, we will provide a platform for all local communities to generate valuable and needed resources. Lives will be strengthened and the common good will be elevated.

Thank you and please join us in creating the next era of Giving is Gorges. Collectively, we can make Tuesday, June 21, the longest day of the year, a special Day of Action!  

With gratitude and best regards,

James A. Brown 
President and CEO
United Way of Tompkins County
If you have any questions, please contact United Way of Tompkins County at 
607-500-GIVE during business hours.