The clock is ticking.

The New Year is getting closer by the second.

Thoughts of the new year center on hope. Hope for better days, a fresh start, new goals, and optimism for the future.

Together with you, we could bless hundreds of families during the Christmas Blessing event.

Now, those families need hope and opportunities in the new year. Opportunities to take a step forward. This may mean a job or a better job on the path to family independence.

Your support provides parents access to Christian HELP's career coaching. This coaching includes resume-building assistance, interview skills, where and how to look for jobs, and so much more.

Your support gives them hope.

"Thank you for all your organization does to provide hope and encouragement to so many in Central Florida."

Your support gives them an opportunity.

"Thank you for all the work you do every day to help people get back on their feet!"

Those are just a couple of the notes we've received from generous donors like yourselves who have seen what happens each day at Christian HELP.

They see the value in helping our neighbors and empowering family independence in our community.

You've still got time to join the in the Season of Giving.

Your gift before the New Year is a win-win. It will help you in your year-end tax preparations and the satisfaction of knowing you've blessed others.

It also opens doors for families to have hope for the new year through the opportunity to improve their lives.

Every dollar changes a life. Thank you.
Here's a tip on how you can get yourself tax-ready.


Subject to certain limits, individuals who itemize may generally claim a deduction for contributions made to qualifying charitable organizations.

The law allows electing individuals to apply an increased limit of up to 100% of their adjusted gross income, for qualified contributions made during calendar-year 2021.


For more information on how the 2021 tax laws impact charitable giving, click here.

As always, please check with your tax expert or financial advisor for help with your planning.

If you need assistance, please email Doug Prusak.