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Top Articles This Week
Estate Planning and Income Tax Basis

Income tax basis can be an important factor in deciding whether to make gifts during your lifetime or transfer property at your death. This is because the income tax basis for the person receiving the property depends on whether the transfer is by gift or at death. This, in turn, affects the amount of taxable gain subject to income tax when the person sells the property.
Life Protection Advantage IUL

On Sunday, April 1st, Mutual of Omaha revised their death-benefit focused Indexed UL offering, Life Protection Advantage IUL. This revision zeroes in on lowering the threshold premiums required to meet their age 85 no-lapse guarantee, decreasing this value between 5% and 20% (though some early ages see no changes). Seeking to strengthen the guaranteed side of its protection narrative, these changes make little to no impact on premiums - Life Protection Advantage remains a strong player in the market, but now with a noticeable band of stronger primary guarantees.
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Penn Mutual’s NEW Survivorship Choice Whole Life

On Monday, April 2nd, Penn Mutual introduced the new Survivorship Choice Whole Life. With this release, the select survivorship whole life club gains a new member, bringing the grand total of available products to four. Survivorship Choice Whole Life enters as the new king of this hill, offering the best internal rates of return combined with the cheapest premiums in the market.

What’s It Take To Be An Effective Sales Manager?

Jeff Short is VP of Sales at K&W Tire, a wholesaler covering 13 states, based in Lancaster, PA. We asked him to share his thoughts on what it takes to be an effective sales manager.
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Be Prepared To Pivot

Marketers and salespeople are natural optimists. The sun shines even when it’s storming, the cup is always full, and the next quarter will be out of the park.
Such thinking explains why so many are surprised when initiatives flop, responses are less than expected, and sales don’t close. Even though such things happen, it’s not in the optimists’ nature to see them coming.
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