November 21, 2016

At ACGT we give thanks every day for the brilliant research scientists determined to refine cell and gene therapies to more effectively treat cancer. We are grateful for the dedication of our Board of Directors and the guidance of our prestigious Scientific Advisory Council members. Most of all, we are grateful to you, our supporters, donors and friends, for making progress possible. Cell and gene therapies are saving lives every day and paving the way for a totally new approach to cancer care.  

Best wishes to you and your families in this season of gratitude.
Connie Burnett-West
November is the month many people take special note of lung cancer, the cancer that represents  over one-fourth of all cancer deaths. In total, 158,000 Americans are expected to succumb to the disease this year and another 415,000 are in treatment or remission.
One of our favorite patients, who is alive and well in a suburb of Dallas, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1999 and had no further options in 2000 when she entered a gene therapy trial to awaken her immune system - she has been in remission ever since.  Read the story.  

You can get great deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but you can make an investment in better cancer care for the future on #GivingTuesday.
Donating to ACGT is a great way to honor friends, loved ones or colleagues struggling with cancer and you can fulfill your year-end giving with this novel approach. Support revolutionary, life-saving research and save lives.
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Barbara B. Gallagher joins the ACGT management team as national director of philanthropy. 

Barbara served in fundraising capacities for eight years with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and previously held positions in public relations and advertising.

"We are trying to get away from the concept of drug or radiation therapy, in favor of biologics. The more we can manufacture these cellular therapies, the sooner we can treat more patients. The greatest challenge is always to find the resources for research."
- Dr. John Bell, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, ACGT Research Fellow and
Scientific Advisory Council member

Thanks to all who gave to the recent Love is On Crowdrise Challenge and to Revlon for matching funds for cancer research. ACGT won an additional $1,000 from Revlon during the challenge for its efforts. Thanks to all who supported ACGT

The ACGT 2016 Progress Report is on its way and highlights a remarkable year of progress for molecular medicine. Read about immunotherapy, oncolytic viral therapy, CAR-T and CRISPR, and the revolutionary treatments moving forward to treat cancer and only the cancer.  Read it here, if you prefer.
ACGT is the only non-profit organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to funding  cell and gene therapies for cancer. Since its founding in 2001, ACGT has awarded  50 gr ants totaling more than $26 million in North America, and continues to be a catalyst for cell and gene therapy research.
100% of all donations are used to support ACGT research grants and studies in cell and gene therapies for cancer.

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