Panoramic view of Coquimbo/La Serena, Chile

"Give THANKS to the Lord, for He is good..."
Psalm 106:1
Thankful to the Lord for allowing us to minister
in 14 countries so far this year.
We've been in Chile this month, speaking in churches and meeting with key leaders. MonaRé was teaching and directing in the 28th month-long seminar of the Institute of Advanced Ministerial Studies. (ISUM)

So many places we've been this year in Latin America and the Caribbean. We're pictured here praying with hundreds of people in Iglesia El Puente located in Coquimbo, Chile.
We're THANKFUL for many friends, partners, churches and organizations that have stood with us throughout 2018. You have helped us be your hands extended.
Pastors, teachers, and Christian workers from three countries came to Coquimbo, Chile in the month of November and into December to study with the Institute for Advanced Ministerial Studies. We turned over the seminar to another team of teachers and workers for the next two weeks.

Next up in December:

El Salvador - Speak for the largest graduating ISUM Class ever in San Salvador and participate in the National 50th Anniversary Celebration for ISUM ( Institute for Ad vanced Ministerial Enrichment Studies).

Honduras - Speakers for the National Conference on the Holy Spirit.

Today is Giving Tuesday!
We'll be sending offerings in December to assist ministries and workers to bless hundreds of children
in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina,
Chile, Cuba, Venezuela and beyond.
Your help makes a difference!
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