Support Us To Lead With Love
Dear SEEDS Community, 

Through a seemingly impossible year, SEEDS showed up for our communities, schools, and organizations with love and courage. Thanks to your continued contributions, we have been instrumental in supporting transformation during a time of unimaginable adversity. This year has called on each of us to show up differently, and SEEDS has met the call. We know that the changing of the calendar year does not remove this responsibility and we stand ready. Please make a financial contribution so that we can continue to show up. 

As we attend to the soul of the nation together, SEEDS continues to be a crucial part of that repair and reconciliation. The year has been scored with many melodies to meet the moment, the proclamations of a movement and the notes to keep us going. At SEEDS, our work is scored by the imagery of Melanie Demore, vocal activist, as she sings You gotta put one foot in front of the other/And lead with love, love.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, shining a spotlight on the inequities of this country, SEEDS transitioned 100% of our services to remote access without skipping a beat. Your generous financial support allowed us the opportunity to offer 500 hours of free programming and stay open to all who needed our services. We are looking forward to continuing to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities. Put one foot in front of the other/And lead with love.

When our nation responded to violence against Black folx this summer, SEEDS community gathered at a scheduled celebration honoring a beloved staff member. In true conflict transformation practice, we did not continue business as usual but responded to the needs of the moment, holding space for grief and sorrow. We knew we needed to have hope. We know we still need hope. Don’t give up hope/You’re not alone/Don’t you give up/Keep movin’ on.”

When California fires ravaged our home state and reminded us of the climate crisis, we provided training for a youth-led climate justice movement organization fully pro bono. Your support of SEEDS allowed us to train the next generation of mediators. SEEDS’ contribution to effective movement spaces is just beginning. “Lift up your eyes/Don’t you despair/Look up ahead/The path is there.”

When our community experienced election anxiety and stress, we hosted a peer empathy support space as a public offering. Your gift allowed us to connect our community to resources that encouraged every voice to be counted. Your financial gift this year will allow us to ensure everyone is singing democracy. “I know you’re scared/And I’m scared too/But here I am/Right next to you.” 

We enter 2021 with transformation as our main melody and SEEDS has so much work to do. Please help us continue the work by giving your generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $1000 or more today to help us! A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. When giving to SEEDS, please consider:

  • Your gift of $50 provides case development and referral services to community members
  • Your gift of $100 provides mediation to bring peace and collaboration to a family
  • Your gift of $250 provides conflict coaching to a leader increasing equity and belonging
  • Your gift of $500 provides restorative practices coaching to a school-based educator
  • Your gift of $1000 provides mediation certification for a movement leader
  • Your gift of $5000 provides a conflict transformation training to a local organization

Please send your gift today. To make your tax-deductible one-time or recurring donation, visit or write a check by December 31, 2020. Please make checks out to SEEDS CRC and mail them to 2530 San Pablo Ave. Suite A, Berkeley, CA 94702. If your employer offers a donation match, please consider utilizing this method to stretch the impact of your donation. “You gotta put one foot in front of the other/And lead with love, love.”

Our mediators, facilitators, restorative justice coaches, and our community volunteers – everyone here who works to serve you – join me in thanking you for your generous partnership and support. May we all continue to show up in a new way to face the challenges of this moment and lead with love. 

With gratitude,
AddieRose Mayer
SEEDS Executive Director 

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