Prayer Partners

As I begin to write this letter, I am praising God for what He is doing in Nigeria! The College of Prayer meetings began slowly, but today the Lord brought breakthrough! All praise to our Mighty God! There was repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, deliverance from strongholds, and advancement of the kingdom of God in the church in Nigeria. Thank you for joining in prayer for revival in the churches throughout the nation of Nigeria. God is on the move!

This is just first fruits of what the Lord wants to do this year through the College of Prayer. Our annual iGNITE Conference in February stirred in all of us a heart for revival prayer and a desire to rebuild upper rooms throughout churches, families, and nations! How we praise God for showing us His Kingdom authority that is at work through our weaknesses.

As we pray through the Lord's Prayer Pattern this month, may we be mindful of His power and authority.

Be blessed!
Prayer Team Director
The love of the Father is one of the core teachings of the College of Prayer. It is what true prayer starts with--relationship. As we pray for Unreached People Groups, pray that these people would hunger to know the love of God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw these people too long for a loving relationship with the One who created them and wants to adopt them into His family.

2020 Unreached People Groups Prayer List:
1. Fulani (40-60 million, Sub-Sahara Africa)
2. Kurds (25 million, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria)
3. Shuwa Arabs (1.5 to 2 million, Chad)
4. Baloch (6 million, Iran, Pakistan)
5. Bengali & Rohingya (18 million, Bangladesh, India)
6. Gujarati (45 million, India)
7. Wolof (3 million, Senegal)
8. Azeri (13 million, Iran)
9. Iraqi Arabs (17-18 million, Iraq)
10. Koiri (6.5 million, India)
11. Jawa (18 million, Indonesia)
12. Bambara (3.9 million, West Africa)
13. Berbers (3 million, Morocco)
14. Han (46 million, China)
15. Bedouins (Algeria)
16. Danakil (1.5 million, Somalia)
 17. Manchu (12 million, China)                                                                   
18. Hazara, Pathan & Pashtun (30 million, Afghanistan)
19. Sanaani (17 million, Yemen)
20. Lao (3 million, Laos)
21. Tunisian Muslims (6.6 million, Tunisia)
22. Hijazi (9.7 million, Saudi Arabia)
23. Shaikh (133 million, Bangladesh)
24. Japanese (122 million, Japan)
25. Brahman (India, 55 million)
26. Yadava (India, 54 million)
27. Turks (Turkey, 52.7 million)
28. Chamar (India, 48 million)
29. Rajput (India, 39 million)
30. Han Chinese (China, 36 million)
31. Sunda (Indonesia, 35 million)
"Hallowed be Your name"
We praise the Name of the Lord! He is Almighty God! There is nothing that is impossible with God. He is able to do exceedingly above all we ask or even imagine! He is faithful and true. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
"Your Kingdom come, Your will be done"
We are excited for our goal to have a College of Prayer in every country of the world in the next five years! We believe the Lord is inviting us to pioneer 25 new nations in each of the next five years. Many of these are ready to launch. Please pray with us that God will supply the timing, the funding, and the right people.

Countries asking for College of Prayer Campuses:
Middle East
  1. Jordan (relaunch)
  2. Kuwait
  3. Lebanon
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Turkey
  6. United Arab Emirates
  1. Denmark
  2. Greece
  3. Netherlands
  4. Norway (relaunch)
  5. Russia
  6. Sweden
  1. Algeria
  2. Botswana
  3. Cameroon
  4. Cape Verde 
  5. Egypt
  6. Lesotho
  7. Madagascar
  8. Morocco
  9. Namibia
  10. South Africa 
  11. Tunisia
  12. Zimbabwe
  1. Indonesia
  2. Japan
  3. Malaysia  
  4. Singapore
North America
  1. Canada
  2. Haiti
Latin America
  1. Argentina
  2. Bolivia (Launching this week)
  3. Costa Rica
  4. El Salvador 
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Panama
"Give us today our daily bread"
Pray for protection, direction, and revelation for March College of Prayer Modules:

Taiwan - February 26-March 2 there will be 6 training venues where 2,000 pastors and workplace leaders will go through "Lord, Teach Us to Pray!" and our new "Encountering God" curriculum with Rev. Don Young.

São Paulo, Brazil - February 26-March 3 "Lord, As Families, Teach Us to Pray!" with Rev. Jon Mitchell and Rev. José Freitas.

Bolivia (new country) - March 3-9, Launching new campuses in 3 cities: Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz. "Lord, Teach Us to Pray!"

Tranqueras, Uruguay - March 4-9 "Lord, As Churches, Teach Us to Pray!" with Rev. Jon Mitchell, Rev. Hiram Sostre, and Rev. Jimbo Hull.

Togo - March 14-21 Training of 100 pastors and church leaders using "Lord, As Churches, Teach Us to Pray! with Rev. Don Young.

Dare as Salaam, Tanzania - March 23-30 Regional Campus launch with Rev. Joel Atamu and Rev. Mathew Maiyo.

Mexico City - March 27-28, "Lord, Teach Us to Pray!" With Missionary Blake Penson and Rev. Joshua Bencomo.

Chile - March 31-April 6 Three venues training 300-500 pastors and leaders using "Lord, as Churches, Teach Us to Pray!" with Rev. Don and Marlen Young.

United States
Vineland, New Jersey - February 28-29 Regional Campus launch. "Lord, Teach Us to Pray!" with Rev. Jim Rudd and Rev. Diego Cuartas.

Glendale, California - March 13-14 "Lord, Teach Us to Pray!" with Rev. Joshua Bencomo.

Gainesville, Georgia - March 20-21 Regional Campus launch with Rev. Jon Mitchell and Rev. Hiram Sostre teaching "Lord, Teach Us to Pray!"

Lilburn, Georgia - March 20-21 "Lord, As Families, Teach Us to Pray!" with Rev. Fred Hartley and Rev. Stephen Hartley.
"Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors"
Everywhere the College of Prayer goes, there is need for repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Pray for every Module, Regional Campus, and Hub Campus that takes place to experience these key components of revival. The presence of the Lord always brings humility, conviction of sin, need for forgiveness, and freedom from strongholds.
"Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"
Pray for all the leaders of the College of Prayer. Pray that each one would be empowered by the Holy Spirit as they lead. Pray for protection as they travel, over their health, and over their families. Pray for kingdom authority as they go, for boldness as they teach, and for humility as they serve the pastors and churches.
"For Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever!"
We give all praise to Jesus who goes before us, lives within us, and does all things for His kingdom through us! To Him be the glory, the honor, and all the praise!