November 30, 2015
Today's the day!  All day Thursday, March 10, 2016, the Fairfield County region will come together for one day of INCREDIBLE giving - a 24 hour giving challenge that lifts up lives and strengthens the place we all call home. Join our community for a celebration of philanthropy and put your money where your heart is.  Donate to ACGT, again and again, and tell everyone you know to do the same! 24 hours to GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE!

Please know that 100% of all contributions to ACGT go directly to research - research that is accelerating cell and gene therapies for all cancer patients. 
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Help ACGT continue to move the research forward to treat and defeat cancer

Our sincerest appreciation to all...



Also, when shopping on Amazon, remember your Amazon purchases can help ACGT fund breakthrough research for cancer. To support ACGT this way, go to, select Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy as your charity and shop. It's that simple.  ACGT will receive a portion of your dollars spent.  

ACGT is the only non-profit organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to funding cell and gene therapies for cancer. Since its founding  in 2001, ACGT has awarded 46 grants of over $25 million in North America and continues to be a catalyst for cell and gene therapy research.

100% of all donations are used to support ACGT research grants and studies in cell and gene therapies for cancer.

Share our hope and share our dedication to more effective ways of targeting cancer .
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