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  • Conscious Capitalism® Bikes - Now Available!
  • Conscious Capitalism Rules the Day in India at AIMS's Management Education Convention 
  • Upgrade to the Bike Edition Starting Spring 2019
  • Conscious Capitalism is the Next Step Towards a Greater Planet
  • Harvard Business Publishing Education and Marketplace Simulations Form Partnership 
  • Spring 2019 Train-the-Trainer Workshop - Registration Now Open!
  • Train-the-Trainer Beijing - Congratulation Graduates!
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Conscious Capitalism Bikes - Now Available!
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Challenge your students to start up a fully-functioning entrepreneurial firm, while operating with a higher purpose to serve, align, and integrate the interests of all major stakeholders.

In this exciting new storyline, your students' decisions will take into account factors such as employee morale, product reliability as well as environmental and health concerns.

Created in collaboration with 
Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

All the Aspects of a Modern Business

Students develop, execute, and capitalize on a conscious, new-venture 
strategy, while learning about:
  • Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Pricing
  • Distribution
  • HR Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Cash Flow
  • Operations

To learn more or to get started with the new Conscious Capitalism bike edition, contact one of our Product Specialists at +1 865-522-1946. 

Conscious Capitalism Rules the Day in India
at AIMS's Management Education Convention
The results are in for the first Conscious Capitalism Competition sponsored by the  Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) at their 30 th Annual Management Education Convention. The competition was in collaboration with the Academy of Indian Marketing and NJOY Learning Processes, and featured the Conscious Capitalism simulator by Marketplace Simulations.

What is Conscious Capitalism?

The Conscious Capitalism simulation is a great way to educate young entrepreneurs on the importance of considering all of the firm's stakeholders. The AIMS convention successfully used this simulation to teach conscious business principles and skills to the next generation of entrepreneurs, something that Marketplace Simulations was very proud to be a part of.

Students were charged with the task to operate a conscious business, not only with
goal to maximize profits but to further align and harmonize the interests of all key 

Upgrade to the  Bike Edition Starting Spring 2019
Conduct Your Class with Marketplace's Latest Edition

Conscious Capitalism is the Next Step 
Towards a Greater Planet
These days, more and more consumers are demanding that companies have a higher purpose than just pursuing profit. They want to see their favorite companies incorporate practices that support environmental sustainability, non-profits, and the well-being of others into their business model.

What exactly does that mean for businesses, and how can a conscious business  model be used to meet the changing demand of consumers? 

Harvard Business Publishing Education and Marketplace Simulations Form Partnership
Marketplace Simulations is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Harvard Business Publishing (HBP). HBP will distribute three levels of marketing simulations beginning fall semester 2018. Now available to educators and students through Harvard Business Publishing are:
The Introduction to Marketing and Strategic Marketing simulations will be
available in two formats - students can play against their classmates in a
competitive format, or they can play against the computer, an ideal setup  for 
online courses or distance learning. The three Marketplace Simulations range in 
--- company news ---

Registration Now Open 
Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Improve your Coaching Skills with Marketplace -  Free Event!
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Registration for the spring 2019 Train-the-Trainer workshop is now open. 

As a participant, you will gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and lessons each student faces while playing the game. 

In this workshop you will:
  • Experience, first-hand, what it's like to play a simulation 
  • Discover the pedagogy behind our simulations and what makes them so successful as a teaching tool
  • Learn how to add a simulation into your coursework
  • Evaluate Marketplace Simulations as a tool for experiential learning and as a vehicle in advancing education across the world
  • Get away to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a learning experience that will impact your approach to business education
Train-the-Trainer - Class of Fall 2018
Click the image to see a complete list of past workshop graduates.

Train-the-Trainer Beijing 

Congratulation to the Recent Marketplace Graduates!
The Train-the-Trainer workshop held in Beijing, China recently concluded with great success.

The 22 corporate and higher education professionals in attandance represented organizations such as Huaji, Inc., Beijing Youth Politics College, Bean Sprout Tech, and China Entrepreneurship & Investments.

Are you Planning to Attend the 
USASBE 2019 Conference ?
Engage, Challenge, Inspire, Transform: 
The Power of Simulation Learning

Thursday, January 24, 2019
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Session Fee for Members: $50
USASBE Pre-Conference Workshop
TradeWinds Island Grand Resort

Many faculty are not up to date with educational simulations and how they are being used to enhance a student's entrepreneurial skills. In this workshop, USASBE members will learn about the power of simulation learning through hands-on experience. Hosted by a collection of the leading entrepreneurship simulation providers. 

To learn more or register, visit
Welcome to the Team...

Meet Tyler Anthony, the newest member to the Sales and Marketing team. With a diverse background in marketing, creative direction, and writing, Tyler is bringing his expertise to our digital marketing strategies.
Before bringing his talents to Marketplace, Tyler was a touring musician. When not at work, you can find him writing music, playing board games, or deep in a novel.

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