December E-Newsletter 2019
Institute for Applied Ecology
The Institute for Applied Ecology works to conserve native species and habitats. With offices in Oregon and New Mexico, our work puts restoration, research, and education into action. Volunteer or become a member with a donation today!

"The color of springtime is in the flowers, the color of winter is in the imagination." - Terri Guillemots
Featured Articles
Here's to IAE's next 20 years!

In a standing-room-only crowd of Institute for Applied Ecology supporters, IAE staff shared innovative projects and stories from their field season on a recent fall evening at the Corvallis Arts Center. This year’s Stories from the Field was a special Annual Meeting for IAE, celebrating the accomplishments of 20 years of restoration, research and education work. Read More
Rebuilding Habitat & Empowering Hope

Carefully putting ten sagebrush seedlings into a plastic bag, inmate Jessie Downing places his bundle of plants into a box with 110 other plugs to be picked up by the Winnemucca Bureau of Land Management field office in Nevada for planting on land scorched by wildfire. “The Sagebrush in Prisons project has taught me everything about sagebrush and how important they are to the land ravaged by wildfires. Doing something good for the local ecosystem has made me feel better about myself...I was even able to share plant growing tips with my mom, bringing us even closer,” said Downing.  Read More
Much more than a handful of seed
By Melanie Gisler , Lindsay Jaeger, and Meredith Prentice

Collecting native seed is rarely just about putting seeds from a plant into a bag. Each plant, site, and collector has its story, and that seed that just went into the bag – well, its story is just beginning. This story begins with funding awarded to IAE Southwest by the National Park Service (NPS) in 2019 that enabled us to hire three young native plant conservationists, excited to explore new parks and enhance their plant identification skills. On the first day of work in August, our NPS team (At left: TJ Hathcock, Theresa Galhouse, and Meredith Prentice ) hit the road on a 5.5 hour drive to join our Department of Transportation and Forest Service crews for a week-long training in Silver City, New Mexico, in local botany and seed collection protocols.   Read More
Staff Spotlight: Lindsay Jaeger
IAE is very happy to introduce a new Southwest Office Manager! Lindsay Jaeger has managed creative and philanthropic enterprises for years with a balance of passion, idealism and strong attention to detail. Originally from Utah, Lindsay returned to the Southwest from New York City after over a decade in the film industry to live in the landscape that she loves. She finds that her experience in the fast-paced world of film production readily translates to the dynamic nature of the non-profit sector. She is very proud to support the work and goals of the Institute for Applied Ecology, and has truly hit the ground running for Southwest restoration and ecological education. Welcome, Lindsay!
"Diversity is Magic" webinar available online
Tom Kaye presented the November Session of the CEM Ecosystem Restoration Thematic Group (ERTG) monthly webinar series, Ecosystem Restoration: Global Initiatives in Science and Practice. Tom's webinar, titled Diversity is Magic: Emerging issues in Selecting Appropriate Native Plants for Ecosystem Restoration, can be accessed on Youtube .
Botany Bill
The Botany Bill would employ and train botanists in the federal government, funds ecological research, and generates demand for native plant materials. It has been reintroduced to both chambers of the 116th U.S. Congress. This bipartisan legislation would allow federal agencies to preserve and protect American native plants and ecosystems. Learn how you can help here.
Holiday gifts that restore habitats!
Frances Stilwell has very generously donated many native plant and landscape prints of her artwork to IAE! Buy a quality print for your loved ones and contribute to our restoration, research & education at the same time...a win-win. These are not on our website store, please call during office hours for details at 541-753-3099 x 701.
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Brief Updates
Estuary Technical Group
In October, ETG Director Laura Brophy spoke to a standing-room-only crowd at Hatfield Marine Science Center, getting the word out about her team's new maps of West Coast estuaries and tidal wetland habitat losses ( Click here for the journal article ). You can watch her presentation here . Her next step: take it national! She's talking with groups across the country who want to test the mapping methods in their own estuaries and regions.
Ecological Education Program
The Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians (CTSI) Council approved two 6th Grade Estuary and Wetlands Curriculum Workbooks to be available as a free download from their website. IAE, in partnership with CTSI staff from Natural Resources, Culture, Diabetes, and Healthy Traditions, worked together to steer the development of the workbooks to include tribal history, culturally-inclusive hands on classroom activities, and important native plants to keep on the landscape. This curriculum will continue to teach youth to care for and maintain ecosystems.
Conservation Research Program
Erin Gray, Matt Bahm, and Tom Kaye have a paper coming out in the Fall issue of the Native Plants Journal examining different treatments to improve germination of the Hells Canyon endemic Barton's raspberry ( Rubus bartonianus ) in Oregon and Idaho. We tested 3 stratification times (60, 90, and 120 days), after receiving mechanical, bleach, and sulfuric treatments applied to seeds. When compared to an untreated control, sulfuric acid and bleach treatment(s) with 90 days of cold-stratification were the most effective treatments for improving germination of Barton's raspberry.
IAE Board of Directors:
Ken Bierly, President; Cary Stephens, Vice President; Laurie Halsey, Treasurer; Deborah Clark, Secretary; Anne Bradley, Sarah Greene, Bob Hansen, Brandy Humphreys, Debbie Johnson, Shinji Kawai, Mak Estill, Carol Savonen