Give it a shot! 1991 Leads Community Vaccine Education Campaign
Many of us have already rolled up our sleeves to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Many of you have taken the shot so that loved ones can be reunited, and we can turn the tide of this devastating pandemic.

As nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals, we know that vaccines can save lives and eradicate diseases. We want to help our community begin to heal.

Our union just launched “Give Our Community a Shot,” a PSA video campaign aimed at encouraging our neighbors, friends, and loved ones here in Miami and across Florida to take the COVID-19 vaccine so that we can do our part to stop the number of infections and people sadly dying each day from this virus. The launch of the “Give Our Community a Shot” campaign features videos teaming up Dr. David Woolsey and Martha Baker, RN, with many government leaders. These key leaders include: Senators Shevrin “Shev” Jones (D-Miami Gardens), Ana Maria Rodriguez (R-Homestead), as well as Annette Taddeo (D-Miami), and Miami-Dade County Commissioners Jose "Pepe" Diaz (District 12), Rene Garcia (District 13), Oliver Gilbert (District 1), Sally Heyman (District 4), Eileen Higgins (District 5), Kionne McGhee (District 9), Raquel Regalado (District 7), Rebeca Sosa (District 6), and Javier Souto (District 10). More videos featuring elected officials and SEIU 1991 members will be launched in the weeks to come.

Each of us have been in this together for almost a year, and we have seen the very real impact COVID-19 has on each other, our families, and this community. We will wear masks, we will take the shot, and we will continue to make a difference in this pandemic. We are proud Healthcare Heroes.
Black History Month 2021: SEIU Champions Diversity
It’s more important than ever that we celebrate and uplift Black voices and lives in our communitynot just during Black History Month but every chance we get! While we are incredibly proud that Jackson Hospital was the first hospital in Miami to care for African American patients and a longtime source of dignified job opportunities for our minority community, we can’t forget that even Jackson was segregated into the 1960s. This isn’t ancient history: some of our own members remember the days of segregation in Miami and their stories are still shocking today.

SEIU 1991’s membership is as diverse as the community we live in, with the majority of our members being healthcare professionals of color. We are proud of our union’s diversity and through that diversity we strive to continue to confront and change history. We remain committed to challenging racism in all ways.

Climate Committee Celebrates Real Change
Despite the pandemic, the Climate Committee has continued to meet virtually and come up with ways we can make Jackson greener. Just this month, Jackson removed most of the Styrofoam containers from our food service. We are proud of our work to make a change that will make a big difference to our hospitals and the planet.

Our SEIU 1991 Climate Committee also took action to continue to discuss future goals in our mission to reduce Jackson's carbon footprint. The committee has been working with Jackson to reduce the amount of waste in both the cafeteria and clinical areas. Recently, the cafeteria swapped out some Styrofoam containers with biodegradable and reduced plastic products. We appreciate our 1991 committee members and Caitlin MacLaren, RN for chairing and leading the charge. Want to join in? Any SEIU 1991 member can join! Just send an email to SEIU representative Maggie Walsh at Meetings are held every other week.

Our Contract in Action: Negotiations Take Off!
On January 21, SEIU 1991’s recently selected Bargaining Team sat down for the first time with Jackson management to begin discussions on the 2020 – 2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement. The meeting was mostly an introductory session with Jackson CFO Mark Knight giving a brief presentation on Jackson’s finances and Chief Experience Officer Michelle Kligman speaking about the general needs and concerns of the system. SEIU 1991 President, Martha Baker, RN reminded the management team that there is still an outstanding Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) that needs to be finalized for fiscal year 2019-2020. Martha made it clear that the COLA issue should be finalized before negotiations for the new contract can begin in earnest. As a member of SEIU 1991, your priorities are the Bargaining Team’s priorities, so please take a moment to complete the bargaining survey if you have not already done so:
We are strongest when you attend the bargaining sessions, which take place via zoom (at least for the foreseeable future).

Below is the 2021 SEIU 1991 Bargaining Team. If you have any questions about which team member is representing you, please ask your staff representative or call our office at (305) 620- 6555.

Your Amazing Bargaining Team

Registered Nurses
Martha Baker, RN SEIU 1991 President
Vicki Gonzalez, RN Nurse Manager, SEIU 1991 Vice President
Esther Segura, RN ANM JS OR
Lisa Ward, RN CSN JN Telemetry
Angela Freshley-Fairchild, RN Case Manager
Daphne Stewart, RN CSN TICU
Grace Meatley, RN CSN MICU
Joseph Flahie, RN CSN NSICU
Shelley Pagan-Jones, RN CSN NICU
Maria Calderon, RN CSN Labor & Delivery
Nikki Luna, RN ANM West Wing 11
Ronnie Fernandez, RN ANM South Wing 8
Yosvanys Rodriguez, RN CSN ECC
Donna Bent, RN APRN West Wing 15
Carmen Rodriguez, RN Clinical Transplant Coordinator MTI
Mercedes Yero-Aguayo, RN Nurse Educator CHS
Joseph Knapich, RN CRNA
Osnardo Drago, RN ANM UCC-North Dade
Kedemah Dean, Physical Therapist II
Jennifer Ross, JN Clinical Practice Pharmacist
Gina Richterkessing, JS Occupational Therapist II
Kelvin Trocard, Clinical Hospital Pharmacist
Carlos Caruncho, Medical Technologist I
Terry Longmore, Senior Systems Analyst II
Catherine De La Osa, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Keila Oquendo-Ramos, Clinical Transplant Dietician          
Miami Herald, January 21, 2021
In Unity,
Martha Baker, RN President, SEIU 1991