December 2018

"Give the Gift of Travel" is a popular catch-phrase in my line of work, but here at Shebby Lee Tours we offer much more than just "travel". For 42 years we have provided memorable experiences, always with opportunities to learn and grow, sometimes life-changing, and even some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Most of us live in houses filled with "things". This year treat yourself or a loved-one to an experience that will increase your quality of life (and won't add to your stuff!)
Explore the West Where Legends Live
Vanishing Trails
Golden Spike 150th Anniversary
May 6-12, 2019

Only two seats left for the celebration of one of America's iconic historical events, the Golden Spike 150th Anniversary!
This tour is a must for train buffs. Unpack once and enjoy the sites of Salt Lake City in spring. The Site of Promontory Summit is preparing for a whiz-bang celebration. Included in the itinerary are train rides, Ogden's famous Union Station, a Mormon Tabernacle choir broadcast, and much more.
Stories from the Trail
When I started my travel blog a few years years ago, it seemed only natural to call it “Trail Talk”. After all, Shebby Lee Tours specializes in “journeys of exploration and discovery” in the western United States. Yet I’ve wrestled with the title ever since, and although it’s unlikely you’d ever find out, it’s probably time I ‘fessed up about the true meaning of this title. Read more...
Did You Know?
  • There is a Cookie Cutter Museum in Joplin, MO
  • Colonists at the first Thanksgiving were mostly men - because only four women survived that first winter. (And the Natives outnumbered the English by three to one!)

Quote of the Month

The purpose of life
is not happiness.
It’s usefulness

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