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Shebby Lee 


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[The Grand Canyon] has come, more than any other national park, to symbolize the West, the out-of-doors, the national park system, what it is the United States is about.

Bruce Babbitt
Secretary of the Interior

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The Great Gatsby Getaway
Sept. 30-Oct. 5 
Great Gatsby Getaway

December  2016

Will your stocking contain a ticket to an exciting tour destination this year?  We've included plenty of suggestions for gifting in this issue.  And there are even more on our website.  Make a dream come true for someone you love in 2017.

Kenya Safari Adventure! Kenyan Safari

Enjoy 4 and 5 Star Hotels - many of them situated in Kenyan national parks and game reserves - 28 meals, and magnificent wild game sightings.  Daily guided excursions are arranged for early morning and late afternoon for prime viewing, with mid-days reserved for exploring your luxury accommodations, swimming or just relaxing. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you this year on your Kenya Safari Adventure!

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Show Me Missouri
A Lewis & Clark Reunion Tour

The state of Missouri has a lot of claims to fame and an impressive list of native sons (and daughters).  This itinerary is designed for those who have already explored Missouri's Lewis & Clark sites and are ready to see Mark Twain's Hannibal, Harry Truman's Independence, Daniel Boone's last home, spectacular Mississippi and Missouri River scenery, and much more!  Reconnect with friends made on the trail on our first ever reunion tour, personally led by Shebby Lee.  Book now!

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George Armstrong Custer was just one of the legendary characters who strode across the stage of the northern plains in the 19th century.  His legend lives on:  it's 1874, and the Colonel and Libby have just stepped out for a ride across the prairie. But a friendly soldier will show us around in his absence.  It's living history at its finest.  Join us for this and many other historical encounters in Legendary North Dakota next August.

Lewis & Clark Trail
The greatest adventure in American history began at Wood River in what is now Illinois.  The Corps spent the winter of 1803-04 here while making final preparations for their  epic expedition, and our journey begins here as well.  For a taste of the excitement of this excursion, view this short  National Geographic video and then send for your registration packet!

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