Wellness Now: Your Oasis in a Hectic Day
Uh-oh, it's holiday time! Need a gift idea for the yogis and yoginis in your life? Give the gift of wellness. The Yoga Deck and The Healing Yoga Deck support and reinforce a yoga practice when it’s not possible or it's inconvenient to go to a class. Perfect for beginners to experts, the portable decks feature breathing exercises, warm ups, postures, meditations and affirmations -- basically, a yoga class in a box! Cards may be picked at random or selected as a series. Easy to wrap, the decks make an ideal stocking stuffer.

Below is one of the 60 cards included in The Healing Yoga Deck . Seated Cat-Cow is a great way to balance your energy. Feeling a little manic and overwhelmed? Bending forward brings the energy down. Or maybe you need a boost. Opening the chest brings in oxygen and increases your level of energy. Plus your lower back will thank you!

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May you be well,
Olivia (aka, Ohm)
Relaxation Coach, Workshop Facilitator & Author
You can do Seated Cat-Cow at your desk!
A strong, flexible spine promotes
good health
Seated Cat-Cow

  • Sit in a chair with a tall, elongated spine; roll shoulders down and away from the ears.
  • Hands rest on thighs, palms down.
  • (fig. 1) Exhale, rounding your back in an exaggerated slouch; low back forms a C curve (convex).
  • Allow your head to drop comfortably toward your chest.
  • (fig. 2) Inhale and straighten the back, thrusting your chest forward and squeezing the shoulder blades together. Accentuate the curve at the low back (concave).
  • Repeat the rounding/straightening movements 8-10 times.

Counteracts forward-bending positions
Improves posture
Promotes flexibility of the spine
Bonus! Breath + movement = a calm mind

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