2020 was challenging for all of us, but for the communities served by Opening Doors, last year was especially difficult.

Immigrant communities and communities of color were hit especially hard by the impacts of COVID-19.

We saw families fall into food insecurity.

We saw families struggling to pay rent.

We saw people struggle to keep their small businesses afloat. We saw others lose wages or worselose jobs.

We saw children fall behind in school as their parents grappled with technology, language barriers, and lack of resources.

We saw the need for aid beyond our core programs and services - and we responded, delivering over $150,000 in direct cash assistance to families made vulnerable by COVID-19 and expanding our rental and food assistance programming.

Despite the challenges of 2020, we're hopeful.

We remain steadfast in fulfilling our mission of welcoming refugees, defending immigrants, supporting survivors of trafficking, expanding economic opportunity, helping clients heal from past trauma, enriching our community - opening doors for all.
Big Day of Giving, our region's largest annual 24-hour community-wide movement to support the causes we care most about, is happening now. Big Day of Giving helps nonprofits like Opening Doors raise much needed funds — mostly in small gifts, proving that when we all give a little, we can make a big difference.

For as little as $15, you can be that big difference in the life of a newcomer on their path to self-sufficiency and belonging.

Big Day of Giving starts now.
Schedule a gift today or mark your calendar for Thursday, May 6 to be a part of this historic day of philanthropy.

Thank you for strengthening our 'community of welcome' — your generous gift will integrate safety net services and emergency aid into all our programs and services
With your help, our newest neighbors will know they're not alone.

Warmest regards,