November, 2017 Newsletter
"Volunteers don't necessarily have the time; they just have
the heart." -Elizabeth Andrew
What does volunteering mean to
Age Well Arrowhead?
Mary Bovee, Executive Director

Age Well Arrowhead recognizes that our volunteers are integral to the success of our organization. We know that a great strategic plan for growth and sustainability includes growing and supporting our volunteer program and that is our goal. That is why we were very proud to be selected as one of five organizations in the region to participate in a Service Enterprise training this summer conducted by Hands on Twin Cities and the Minnesota Association of Volunteer Administration. The purpose of the training and certification is to develop processes that leverages our volunteers and their skills and abilities to successfully deliver on our organizational mission. The mission of our project is to create meaningful and fulfilling volunteer experiences. We will do that in a variety of ways including identifying volunteer’s skills and abilities to best match them to experiences they are most suited for, provide a variety of trainings that support volunteer efforts, and ask for regular feedback about volunteer’s experiences. As we go through the process we will also focus on other areas that enhance our volunteer programs and work toward becoming certified as a Service Enterprise organization. We know this initiative will take a lot of work on our part but we are excited to make our volunteer program the best it can be and to help our volunteers find meaning in the work they do.
Age Well Receives Funding

Amazon Smile

Why Volunteer?

Dementia in Business Training

Give to the Max

Care Giver Month

Medicare Enrollment

November 16, 2017

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Age Well Receives a Second Year
of Funding

The Minnesota Board on Aging has selected Age Well Arrowhead to receive a dementia grant for a second round of funding. “Alzheimer’s alone impacts some 91,000 Minnesotans over age 65 and the number is growing,” said Kari Benson, executive director of the Minnesota Board on Aging. “These funds support education and activities that respond to different cultural norms and values as well as both urban and rural populations.”

Age Well Arrowhead has received $49,999 for dementia awareness training for employers as well as support and services to people who provide care and training to help businesses become more friendly to people with dementia and the people who care for them.

A total of $750,000 appropriated by Legislature for fiscal year 2018 has been divided between 9 different organizations, and Age Well is proud to be one of them.
November is National Family
Caregivers Month
November is National Family Caregivers Month. This is a time to celebrate the contribution of those volunteer friends and family members who support a loved one with their health or managing a disability. We’re thankful for the contributions of the more than 44 million Americans who care for a family member, friend, or neighbor. Join us as we celebrate the contribution of caregivers and find better ways to support them as they care.
The college admissions process is, to put it mildly, stressful. Not only do we as students study tirelessly to keep
an appealing GPA, trudge through hours of standardized testing, and find the time to somehow attend a hundred club meetings in a week, but now we have to devote our last few spare hours doing volunteer work? What?! Please, I don’t have time for that!

At least, that’s what I used to think when I spent my summers begrudgingly volunteering at a local thrift shop. Yeah. Try spending eight hours organizing donations without air conditioning in the middle of central Florida for five days straight, and then talk to me about your enthusiasm for volunteer work. Anybody up for the challenge? Mhm. That’s what I thought. So, the question remains: why bother volunteering?

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How to Pick a Better Medicare
Part D Plan for 2018
Retirees have an opportunity to switch Medicare Part D plans from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. Moving into a new plan for 2018 might save you money. The average premium is projected to increase by 9 percent to $43.48 for retirees who remain in their existing pl an next year, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of 2018 plan offerings. Other types of out-of-pocket costs may also rise in 2018. Here's how to find a lower-cost Medicare prescription drug plan:

  • Assess covered medications
  • Compare premiums

But most retirees have many coverage options and might be able to  find a plan with lower costs . "There might be another plan that could bring your costs down by several hundred dollars, and that's worth a few hours of your time," says Jack Hoadley, a health policy analyst for Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute. "It's always worth looking to see if a different plan would be better for you."

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October 15th thru December 7th
Dementia Training for Businesses
Lakeside Dental
North Shore Bank of Commerce
Age Well Arrowhead would like to congratulate Lakeside Dental & North Shore Bank of Commerce   for completing the Dementia Friendly at Work training and their commitment to better serving their patients!

For more information on Dementia Friendly at Work, contact
Peter Hafften at or call 218-623-7800 for more information on how you and your business can better serve your clients.
Age Well Arrowhead connects older adults and caregivers to services that support healthy aging and independence.

We are passionate about serving the older adults and caregivers of our community. For this reason, Age Well Arrowhead was founded in 2014 as a local non-profit. We are funded by a Live Well at Home grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Title III funding administered by the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging, a grant from the Minnesota Board on Aging and client contributions. These grants allow us to provide services that are easily accessible and affordable.