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December 2017

Is it just us or did this year fly by? As we move into this festive holiday season there's still a few things left to do outside in the lawn, the garden and the garage. And if the thought of the Winter Solstice leaves you not-so-festive, then you may be suffering in silence.

We're winding down the year here. But before we head out to celebrate the holidays, we still have a few tips we think will make your life better/easier/happier.

From everyone here, we wish you a happy, healthy, warm and safe holiday season!

Your Johnson County Extension staff
Thursday, December 7
Bridging The Gap In Extension: A Listening Session with Dr. Gregg Hadley
Even if you've never used Extension services, Dr. Gregg Hadley, Associate Director for K-State Research and Extension would still like to hear and learn your thoughts about goals for your lives, livelihoods, families, and communities. He is meeting with Kansans to find out how K-State Research and Extension can play a role in providing the tools they need to reach those goals. As an appreciation for your participation, registrants will be eligible for door prizes. Refreshments will be provided. Sign up and come tell us what you think.
Paperwhites Add a Touch to Holiday Décor
Paperwhite narcissus are fun and easy to grow. They make the perfect inexpensive gift for a friend, child’s teacher or for yourself. They can be grown in water or soil to bring cheer and a fresh scent to the home. Check out this helpful short video from K-State Extension as it gives you the facts for this holiday treat.
Protect Trees Now from Deer Damage
Our office has received numerous calls about deer rutting and damaged trees. One client just planted a $250 maple tree only to have it destroyed in less than a week by deer scrapping off the bark. People ask what’s the best way to protect young trees? This video shows the ideal method for protecting plant materials from deer destruction. It may not be pretty but it is the best bet to save your investment.
Storing Pesticides Safely in the Home
Winter is a good time to take inventory of your garage and dispose of old or unwanted pesticides. Check out these safe storage ideas.
Garden Calendar Provides Your End-of-Year To-Do List
Our attention may be turning to holiday shopping, trimming the tree and all the other activities of the season but there are still a few chores to be done in the yard and garden to help you close out the season on a high note, or even give you a jump on spring.  Check out our helpful December gardening calendar for friendly reminders. 
Do Not Cook Dry Beans in a Slow Cooker
It's convenient. It's easy. But if you do, you'll be sorry. Find out here why you should not cook dry beans in a slow cooker.
If Winter Leaves You Blue
It's not you. You may be SAD -- Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, it's a real thing. And no, you're not weak or lack discipline. Don't suffer unnecessarily. Find out what you can do to feel better this winter season.
Mark your calendar
Board Leadership Series
This Board Leadership Series is a four course series offered each Tuesday for four consecutive weeks in February. The course is designed to provide basic training for members of community-based boards; church boards, township boards, United Way agency boards, or rural water boards, etc. Registration deadline: January 31, 2018
Job Opening
4-H Youth Development Agent
We are looking for a programming educator to provide leadership and grow our youth organization. We are looking for a people-person who is team oriented to engage our youth, volunteers, and community partners. Bachelor's degree, and staff and volunteer management required. Application deadline: December 13. Click here for the complete job description and follow the application instructions.

Classes & Events
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