Over the past month, our Director of Administration & Accounting, Mr. Reza Eshghi, has been overseas visiting our sister foundation in Iran. Though one of his main purposes was to audit our operations there, he was also able to visit many places in flooded zone area such as Ahwaz, Shadegan, Pol-e Dokhtar, Mamulan, Broujerd, Aq Qala and Gomishanin in the Khozestan, Lorestan and Golestan provinces, as well as Amol, Babol,

Throughout his trip, Reza visited many children supported through our program, and most importantly, he saw the devastating conditions that the flood left behind and met with many families who were greatly affected by it. Though we are still awaiting Reza’s detailed report about his trip, he has first informed us that the situation is much worse than we expected and the need for equipping schools is critical.
For this reason, we are starting our second leg of fundraising to help students and their schools. Our first fundraiser was incredibly successful with more than $270,00 raised by over 7,000 donors on Facebook. In addition to this, hundreds of others sent beyond $100,000 directly to our office. We are humbled by the level of support that has allowed our team on the ground to expand its activities. Our plan now is to match and beat our first fundraiser by collecting another $400,000. This may seem like an unreachable feat but with the help of our sympathetic supporters, I know that this goal is possible.

Although there are a couple months before school starts, time flies and each child’s first day will be here before we know it. Therefore, we need to help the schools that have been devastated by the flood; providing them with the resources and supplies they need is high-priority for us.

Please aid us in this mission by donating generously to our flood fund, so we can help equip hundreds of classrooms before the first day of school. 

With gratitude,

Kamyar Lashgari
President & CEO
Giving Never Sounded So Good… Literally!
You can now donate to Child Foundation with your voice by asking Amazon’s Alexa. In April 2019, the tech giant announced a new feature called “Alexa Donations,” which is powered by Amazon Pay. Now, you can simply say: “Alexa, donate to Child Foundation!” Alexa will then ask you how much you would like to give, you can donate any amount between $5 to $5,000, and it then uses your Amazon account to complete the transaction.

Child Foundation is very honored to be a part of the small, but ever-growing, program that Amazon has started in order to make the donation process more accessible to individuals. So, if you have access to Alexa account, go ahead and test your generosity via your voice 😊
Are you the one I am looking for?
Amir Ali is a 12-year old student from Bam, Iran. He is currently in 6th grade. Ali’s father, who worked as a driver, had a heart problem had passed away after a major heart attack.

His mother has custody of him and his brother, who is also a student.

Amir Ali’s mother had been looking for a job, but there is no opportunity in their small village. The family’s primary sources of income are through donation and government subsidiary programs. The family lives in their small owned house. 

After reviewing َAmirAli talents, interest, and motivations and taking into consideration the financial needs of the family, Child Foundation has granted a $31 /month scholarship to the student.

Join us in creating a better future for her. Please take action and sponsor Amir Ali as her sole sponsor for $36 per month.
Setayesh is a 10-year old student from Birjand. She is in 3rd grade. Her father was a drug addicted, and they divorced. Mother has the Setayesh and her siblings. The father cannot pay alimony since he is now serving time in prison for drug trafficking. 

Setayesh’s mother sometimes makes a small income from cleaning vegetable, but their primary source of income is occasional financial help from Setayesh’s uncle. Setayesh has one sister and one brother. Her sister is in school as well. 

After reviewing Setayesh talents, interest, and motivations and taking into consideration the financial needs of the family, Child Foundation has granted a $31 /month scholarship to the student.

Join us in creating a better future for him. Please take action and sponsor Setayesh as his sole sponsor for $31 per month.
Soram is a 14-year old 7th grade student from Siem Reap, Cambodia. He is a very talented and smart student.

He is currently in 7th grade. Soram’s parents are farmers, and the family’s primary source of income comes from selling their farm’s produce, although Soram’s parents have a hard time making ends meet.

Soram’s siblings are in school as well. In order to help with the finances of the family, Soram helps his parents and goes fishing in his free time. 

After reviewing Soram's talents, interest, and motivations and taking into consideration the financial needs of the family, Child Foundation has granted a $50 /month scholarship to the student.

Join us in creating a better future for her. Please take action and sponsor Soram for a minimum of $30 per month.
Celebrating 25th year in Tehran
Child Foundation celebrated its 25th year in Tehran. In this ceremony Ali Dehbashi (editor of the Bukhara Magazine), Dr. Mahmoud Farastkhah (Sociologist) and Professor Homayoun Shahriari (a professor of genetics), Mrs. Dadkhah (Executive Director of Child Foundation-Iran) presented their points of view about children in need and how Child Foundation can help them to succeed.
With your support, collaboration, and support, we are starting our second 25th year with much more hope and enthusiasm.
Child Foundation earned its 2019 Gold Seal of transparency from GuideStar . Now our community members, as well as 10+ million GuideStar users, can find in-depth information about our goals, strategies, capabilities, and progress.

This database not only allows you to research and learn about our nonprofit, it also shines a spotlight on the difference Child Foundation is helping make in the world. 
Mashhad Cyclists Support Child Foundation
Majid and Elham, have been supporting Child Foundation for 4 years now and have decided that in this four-year journey, visit all 29 offices of Child Foundation across the country take their message in the importance of education to everyone they meet on their way.

The Mashhad couple began their journey from the Mashhad office of Child Foundation, and their next destination will be the Tehran headquarters.

You can follow their trip in telegram here and on Instagram here . Good luck and safe trip guys!
AmazonSmile: You Shop,   Amazon Pays us!
Do you do any shopping on Amazon?

If yes, choose Child Foundation as your charity of choice on the Amazon website. Once you do, Amazon will donate an amount equal to 0.5% of your purchase to the Child Foundation. Your purchase will not be affected; you will still get the same price, but Child Foundation will receive a donation from Amazon.

To do so, just follow these easy steps that take only a few minutes:
  1. Visit the AmazonSmile registration website at
  2. Click “Register Now” and follow these instructions:
  • Search for Child Foundation by name, but please be careful since there are some organizations with similar names in different states. You can also search for us through our Tax ID number 93-1148608 and then select Child Foundation

Please note that you will not be charged by Amazon, and you still get the same low price. Donations to Child Foundation come directly from Amazon.   Thank you!