April 2016
Growing old doesn't have to mean growing frail.  Feldenrkais® students know this firsthand! In honor of Older American's month, 
we're featuring some of our favorite articles from the SenseAbility archives.

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The Outstanding Student
Felicia Noelle Trujillo, GCFP

Alice looked like the proverbial little old lady with her white hair, twinkling blue eyes, and cane. She sought Feldenkrais Method® lessons to address the peripheral neuropathy that had made the cane a necessary addition. Then 79, Alice smiled gently and seemed very proper as she inquired how Feldenkrais Method lessons might benefit her current condition.
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Awareness Through Movement ® 
Classes at a Nursing Home
Louise Vesper, GCFP

"What you can do you can imagine, and what you can imagine you can do."  - Moshe Feldenkrais

Over a year ago, a colleague informed me that a local nursing home was interested in weekly Feldenkrais® classes. Because both of my parents are in a skilled nursing facility, I was reluctant to teach at a nursing home, afraid it would make me too sad for myself, my parents and the residents that I would be teaching. I decided to meet with the Activities Director with an open mind. The minute I walked in the door, I knew that I was in a place of healing and life. Her enthusiasm, compassion and excitement for the learning offered to the residents inspired me.

Reclaim Easier Movement
Meryl Nadell

Kathy Whipps, a seventy year-old, down-to-earth, spir
ited British grandmother, came to the US two years ago to live with her daughter and son-in-law and care for their newborn son, Will . Kath y, who retired five years ago, had been a deputy warden at a sheltered
Learn how to gently increase your mobility with the  Feldenkrais Method
accommodation for the elderly. She had crushed the lower disk in her lumbar spine in a fall about thirty years ago and began fa voring her left leg since that time.  About fifteen years later, she slipped on the ice and re-injured her back, this time on the right side. Five years ago  she had another major fall during a hike, again bruising the lumbar and ischial areas.