for B-B-B-B-B-Burgess!
(Winning six awards in Maine's premier advertising competition has left us a little tongue-tied.)
At The Ad Club of Maine's 2017 Broderson Awards
in April, our team was proud to pick up six "Bs"
for excellence in advertising and marketing work:
Social Media (Integrated or Multi-Platform) - Bronze
Digital Ads (Banners) - Silver
Social Media (Organic) - Bronze
Digital (Interactive or Rich Media) - Bronze
New England Cancer Specialists
Digital (Interactive or Rich Media) - Silver
Print (Small Ad) - Bronze
We appreciate the hard work of the talented crew who
contributed to each award, and especially the clients who
entrusted their valuable brands to our care. 

While the awards are nice, we are even more proud
that each of these clients has reported positive
results from our efforts on their behalf.
Click here for the stories behind the awards.
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