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ByrdCall Studio
Well hello, friends.
Time to take a deep breath and slow down a little.  For me that will be next week--after the Studio Tour!  It's funny, every year at this time, I'm knocking myself out trying to get orders out before the holidays.  
Just some of the shirts ready for printing after the Mistletoe Mart orders!

This year is the same in that
regard, but add in 2-3
contacts a day looking for rya rugs supplies and instruction, and my head spins.  Happily I have a plan outlined clearly in my head to help me provide for you all.  Thanks to many of YOU for  the GREAT advice and encouragement I received last month on getting back to writing my rya book.  My new writing regimen begins Monday,  Dec. 8th.  Really.  You can hold me to that... I'll tell you more later.  Want to see some of the advice I got from readers?  Click here...

In this issue:
  • Dec. 6-7 Studio Tour--mark your calendar to visit Byrdcall Studio and more 
  • Early K-9 Painting finds a home
  • Always time for the Festival of Wreaths at Carroll Arts Center--going on right now!
  • Color blending tip for Rya Rug Makers.
  • Latest sharing of Completed Rya
  • JeannieBird Baking Company is open for business!


Come Visit me on the
Carroll County Artists' Studio Tour
This week-end: Dec. 6-7 from 10 AM - 5 PM
OK, I know, it's going to rain, but so what?  (last year we got snow!) I'd still really like to see you in the studio.  It is only open to the public one week-end a year.  You definitely don't have to buy anything if you just like looking at studios, but I do have a "sweet deal" which I offered at the Mistletoe Mart which I'll offer to you this weekend:  Buy two hand-printed shirts and get any silk-screened shirt at 1/2 price; or buy 3 hand-printed shirts and get a FREE silk-screened shirt (including the Raven in Flight shirts!)

What will you see?
  • Great Shirts -- and see all my the carved blocks
  • A ton of Rya rug-making supplies with a practice piece to learn on.  (No prepared kits, just a teasing glimpse.)
  • A real working artist studio
  • A sweet dog
  • Homemade cookies, snacks, and special beverages
  • And some really nice folks who always stop by to visit.
Click on image for directions and more info on the Studio Tour


A Painting for the Festival of Wreaths

I always find time to make a "wreath" for the Carroll Arts Center's silent auction fund-raiser:  the Festival of Wreaths.  If you live near Westminster, just GO!

Here is my "wreath" painted on a ceiling tile from the old theater which is now the home of the Arts Center.  Go bid on it if you like it.  I want it to bring them big bucks.  Or bid on what ever strikes your fancy... there is something for everyone.

More than 170 unique and wonderfully decorated wreaths are displayed throughout the Carroll Arts Center until December 7, 2014.  The Festival will be open 10 am - 7 pm daily and closes at 4 pm on Dec. 7th. Admission is Free!


Off to a New Home!  Tug of Love  
Tug of Love (with Iron and Hooper)
Back in 2004 when I was an active puppy-sitter for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, I painted this image of 90-lbs Iron tugging on a rope with my 45-lbs Hooper.  This, one of my earliest acrylics paintings, (which I bring every year to Art in the Park) was just purchased by a lady from Hanover, PA.  So happy these dogs found a new forever home.  By the way, Hooper came back to me as my pet, but Iron went on to become the Guiding Eyes for a judge in Manhattan.  I imagine they are both tugging away in doggy heaven today!


 Rya Tip for the Day:
Color Combinations using just three colors of yarn

While I am writing my how-to book on off-loom rya design, here is something you can do yourself which might make designing your rya very fun and easy.

Each of these six color cards were designed using just three yarn colors.  Three colors in a 3-strand knot can combine ten different ways to get the illusion of the full spectrum.

How do you get 10 color combinations from three colors? If you had color A, color B, and color C, you could make the following color combinations:



So if you know your backing will require say, 12 skeins, you could order four each of your favorite blendable colors.  Or go nuts, and add a fourth or fifth color.  No rules, just "Right" as they say.

Completed Rya from Denise in Washington State:
 Denise found me about 6 months ago.  She had already started a rya, but needed more yarn.  So I sent her what she needed and she just sent me this photo of her completed Picasso-inspired rya!
Picasso-Inspired rya by Denise Hall


JeannieBird Baking Company is OPEN!
Hooray!  The doors are open and the food is enticing and delicious. Definitely the new place to stop by when you want to treat yourself to something special.  I am very proud to have been selected by them to enhance their logo with my "action linocut" of the steaming pie bird.  They are selling company shirts with my art silk-screened on the back, so pick up a t-shirt when you swing by for your savory scone.  They are located at 42 W. Main Street in Westminster, Maryland.  (At the corner of Main and John St.)

If you are observant, you may notice two other original hand-printed block prints of mine framed on their walls.  


Now off I go to CLEAN UP THE STUDIO for your visit this weekend.
Thanks for taking the time to read to the bottom of this newsletter.  Feel free to share this with anyone you think would enjoy it.   If you don't subscribe, and would like to, simply go to my web site and sign up at the bottom of ANY page.  While you are at it, why not sign up for my blog postings too?

May your holidays be full of sharing cheer with those you love.
Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! and
Happy New Year to you all!
Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


Save the Dates!

Carroll County Artists' Studio Tour
December 6-7
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