Advisors often ask, "Why should my client consider establishing a donor advised fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation over a less expensive commercial fund?" This is a great question, and one that any professional advisor worth his salt should ask before referring a client. 

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation offers a number of advantages over commercial gift funds. We provide personalized service and local expertise, opposed to nationally-based commercial gift funds. Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, our donor services team offers in-depth knowledge on community issues and local charitable organizations. Your clients can walk into our office and meet face to face with our staff to discuss their charitable desires, providing a greater sense of caring than can be found in a call center environment.

In addition to offering competitive administrative and investment fees, the fee income generated from our donor advised funds is invested back into the local community. Many commercial gift funds are held by financial institutions in cities across the nation where their philanthropic interests may differ drastically from those of us here in the Midwest. By working with neighbors who are invested in the future of Oklahoma City, your clients can make a difference where they live.

We can also accept a wide range of assets, providing your clients with the maximum tax benefits allowed. Your clients can make gifts of appreciated property, oil and gas interests, real estate, closely and privately held stock, life insurance and other assets. In addition, we offer permanent endowment options that are invested for growth to help your clients establish a lasting legacy. Commercial funds typically follow a 5 percent payout model, while our distribution policy is designed to allow for perpetual grant making, enabling donors to support the causes they care about for generations.

These are just a few of the benefits the Oklahoma City Community Foundation can offer your clients. To learn more, visit or contact me at 405/606-2914.
Making Education a Priority
Is education a priority for your client? As the state's largest independent scholarship provider, we generate more than 700 awards for students per year that donors may choose to give to. Or, with an initial gift of $40,000, donors may establish a new scholarship fund that supports students in a particular field or location of their choosing. In our latest Scholarship Review, you can learn about the many scholarship funds we administer and find a way to help your clients give the gift of education.

Charitable Gifts of Intellectual Property Assets
Intellectual property, or intangible products and creations of the mind, can be complex gifts to give. While making a charitable gift of an intellectual property asset may provide a client with tax benefits, the legal complexities that surround these types of gifts require a thorough understanding prior to making a charitable transfer. Therefore, it is crucial you have a firm grasp on how these gifts operate in order to best serve your clients' needs and objectives. A recent article outlines the most common types of intellectual property that your clients might consider giving to charity.

Upcoming Events

Do you want to increase your professional knowledge and skills and better serve your clients? Do you want insight that will benefit your clients immediately? This free luncheon through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and the Cannon Financial Institute helps you make it happen!

July 24
Management (and Mismanagement) of Trust Assets
Registration is closed.
August 28
Retirement Asset Planning for Estate Planners: Compelling Practical Advice

September 25
Estate Planning and Administration Issues for the Elderly and Disabled

Registration for each event will open online following the prior month's teleconference.

Joe Carter
Director, Development