Former SCFG Participant
Continues to Support SCFG

When she was a young Science Club for Girls participant at King Open School in Cambridge, Stacy Braga couldn’t have imagined how great an impact this after-school program would have on her future. She was in elementary school and always enjoyed the Club’s engineering projects and fun atmosphere. The strong foundation she built with SCFG influenced her in high school, college, and beyond. When she was in high school, she was drawn to the most challenging science classes, even though no one in her family was in the STEM fields. As the first generation in her family to go to college, she was a biology and pre-vet major, before finding her passion in education. And now, she teaches science to a diverse group of first- and second-graders at her alma mater, King Open, in the school's Portuguese immersion program.

Many of her students are currently in SCFG programs, too, and as their teacher, and especially as part of the Portuguese community, Stacy sees how valuable this early exposure to science is. The girls in her class consider themselves scientists and love to share with her what they have learned in SCFG. Once again in the place where she grew up, Stacy is proud to be giving back to SCFG and the community that shaped her career in science and education.