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You will not find a sector that has more mentorships, internships, scholarships and post-retirement engagement than local government. It is in the blood of our industry. And while local government is cooperative by default, there is something more to it-something special. Whether it is the unpaid elected official who dedicates eight years of their life to serving on a city council or the retired city manager who remains engaged in ICMA for a decade, it is clear that those in local government give and give again--particularly with a focus on succession planning or the next generation.

There are many reasons that people and organizations step up to give back and support the next generation. One core reason is proximity. We are firsthand witnesses to the challenges of our society, especially here in California. For those of us in local government, you can't have front row seats to the challenges and changes in California and not want to figure out how to be involved, support others being involved, tackle challenges and fix problems. Regardless of political philosophy, we are all Californians that want to create a better world.

Giving back and actively participating in numerous local government associations has been a key part of our ethos at Tripepi Smith. LOCC, ILG, MMANC, MMASC and CCCA are just a few of the organizations we are involved with through financial and/or communications support. Our team is not here to interlope, land deals and wander off. We are here to actively participate, explore new areas and share knowledge. We plan on being here as long as you will have us.

Thanks for inviting us in.


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Tripepi Smith Returns to the Desert for 2018 CCCA AMS

Team Tripepi Smith will head back to Indian Wells, CA for the 61st California Contract Cities Association's Annual Municipal Seminar.

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Client Highlight:
Climatec is a leading provider of advanced building technologies and energy solutions for its thousands of customers. The building technologies provider enhances buildings by making them safer, more comfortable and efficient.
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Tripepi Smith's graphic designers are experts at developing a branding system that is unmistakably yours. From brochures to business cards, flyers to forms, never miss an opportunity to imprint your brand where a client or customer can see it.

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Talent On Tap:
Caroline Lee

Caroline is a Junior Business Analyst on team Tripepi Smith.  Familiar with both technical writing and creative prose, she helps our clients tell their stories, developing their ideas into comprehensive and captivating narratives.

Caroline supports clients, including Renee Public Law Group, the California City Management Foundation, the City of Culver City and more.
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2018 Conference Plans

Tripepi Smith can be found on the conference circuit. Look for us at the following events:

MMANC Women's Leadership Summit
Richmond, CA

CCCA Annual
Municipal Seminar
Indian Wells

ICMA Annual Conference
Baltimore, MD

LOCC Annual Conference
Long Beach

MMASC Annual Conference
Indian Wells

MMANC Annual Conference