29th Sunday of Ordinary Time (A) | Oct 18, 2020
In Thanksgiving for a Successful Retreat
Last weekend it was my pleasure to accompany our student peer ministry team to Folly Beach, SC, for a leadership retreat. We focused on getting to know ourselves, getting to know our team, getting to know our mission, and the importance of getting to know God. It really underscored the importance to me of all that the peer ministers do to make our ministry at WCU happen. Whether it's helping to plan events, facilitating small groups, assisting with liturgies or just bringing a smile to someone who needs it, your faithful witness makes the love of Christ more present on our campus. Thank you. (We have several peer ministers graduating this year, so if you are interested in serving as a peer minister next year, please let me know!)

Render Unto Caesar
The Pharisees just love trying to trip up Jesus. This week they think they have him in a trap by asking him if it's lawful to pay taxes to Caesar. If he says yes, they can accuse him of colluding with foreign occupiers. If he says no, they can accuse him of inciting rebellion. Jesus not only outsmarts them, but he shows true wisdom by saying we should "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God" (Mt 22:21). In this week's video reflection, I talk about how it is right and just to give those in authority over us due respect, and how Jesus' instruction in this gospel helps us keep what we owe to those in human authority in proper perspective.

In Christ,
Deacon Matt
Every Wednesday evening our students bring you a program about living life as a Catholic college student. Last week, in our first ever "how to" video, we learned how to make "sacrifice beads" as used by St. Therese of Lisieux. If you missed it, be sure to watch it on our YouTube channel.

This week we stay in the crafty zone as we attempt to make Pope St. John Paul II's favorite dessert, Kremowka Papieska - the Polish Papal Cream Cake. (Don't worry, making it is easier than pronouncing it!) The fact that you can eat dessert and still be a saint definitely qualifies as good news in our book!
Premieres Wednesday at 7:00 pm on YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV.
In case you missed it...
  • Oct 13 was the 103rd anniversary of the final appearance of Our Lady at Fatima. We highlight a podcast series in this post that delves into what happened at Fatima from the perspective of both faith and reason.

  • Do you know who Blessed Carlo Acutis is? On Oct. 10, this Italian teenager who died in 2006 was beatified. A young man who wore blue jeans and sneakers, played PlayStation, and was active on social media will soon be declared a saint. Learn more about Blessed Carlo in this article.

Small group Bible studies continue to meet on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. They are open for any student to participate, in person or remotely. To connect with a small group, contact one of our student group leaders listed on our web site.
This Week's Prayer Schedule
SUNDAY | Oct 18
NOTE: Sunday Mass this semester is being offered at Hillside Grind coffee house to allow for greater social distancing.
  • ROSARY | 4:00 PM
  • MASS | 4:00 PM
  • Live streamed on Facebook.
  • After Mass please stay and join us for a hot-dog cookout on the lawn (weather permitting).
  • Live streamed on Facebook.
  • Pray along on the iBreviary app
FRIDAY | Oct 23
Need prayer? Join the CCM Prayer request Group Me. No chat or discussion, just prayer. Post your prayer request today.
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Deacon Matthew Newsome, MTh, campus minister