Giving Makes Good Happen
My Grandfather, Myron “Bud” Reinhart, passed away recently. We have to thank him and the donations of many, many others for the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House at St. Mary’s Bon Secours. When my Grandfather first told me about the intent of the Guest House many years ago, I was merely intrigued. It certainly sounded good: a place for the family of patients to stay while their loved ones are receiving treatment in the hospital. Good, but simple. It certainly wasn’t a new medical device to diagnose patients, or a new wing of the hospital to care for more patients. Only recently have I truly understood how impactful such a simple gesture can be: As my Grandfather’s health waned, his son and daughter felt an intense desire to simply be with him. To care for him and bring comfort in the way only family can.

That is the support the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House provides. Simple, but good beyond measure. Maintaining that family connection can mean more than words could ever describe. But the Guest House goes further and provides even more to its customers: a sense of home-away-from-home that a hotel never could, counseling to families with a loved one who has a life-threatening illness, and a community of other families who know the same struggles of caring for a loved one. These “good but simple” things can have far more impact than we realize. I am so proud to continue to support the Guest House my grandfather started, knowing that the simple things they do bring comfort to so many.
On behalf of my family, thank you so much for the support you provide to the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House, and I hope you continue to do so in the future.

Christopher Reinhart Richards

If you would like to make an end of year contribution to the Guest House, please visit
“Impact Without Contact Christine Watt has been volunteering with the Guest House for years. Her generous spirit and caring demeanor are pivotal to providing a warm, nurturing environment for our guests. While Christine has not been able to be with guests during the past few months, we have been able to rely on her kindness through the handwritten thank you notes she continues to write all our former guests. Thank you, Christine, for your unwavering support of the House and its mission.
Please contact about how you can provide impact without contact today! 
Thanks for Giving! Food Truck fundraisers and restaurant partnerships have been very engaging and supportive of the Guest House mission. In October and November, we were very fortunate to partner with Sous Casa, Sedona Taphouse, First Stop Donuts and Ironclad Coffee Roasters. These events raised funds to support more than 160 families.
This has definitely been a challenging year for events, and we are working hard to identify safe and engaging opportunities to bring our community together to support the Reinhart Guest House. As you look toward your end of year giving, please consider being Good Help to Those in Need by making a gift equivalent to 3 room nights at the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House

Questions about 2021 events, please email
We could not sustain this mission without the help of our heroes: generous individuals, companies, churches and many more in our community are donating their time, talents, and resources to those in need. The following hospitality heroes supported the Guest House in October and November!

Questions about making a financial contribution, scheduling a meal donation, or learning more about special ways to support our families, please call 804-287-7300 or email

Alpha Alpha Delta Kappa Gamma
Amanda L. Baird
Bank of America
Becky Larrison
Beverly van Boven
Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing
Carolyn Lawrence
Catherine M. Hemmer
Charlene E. Tom
Charlotte Underwood
Chesapeake Bank
Colleen Jennings
Cory Little
Darlene Richardson
Davenport & Company, LLC
David Goodwin
Deborah A. Conroy
Don L. Hayes
Donald Johnson
Douglas Schneider
Edward Jones
Eleanor S. Davis
Elizabeth Crispino
Elizabeth River Lawn and Landscaping
Gloria B. Wiliams
Harold E. Costley
Harriet H. Crowther
Heights Church
Hill & Rainey Attorneys
Ironclad Coffee Roasters
Jacqueline Miller
Jacquelyn H. Cocks
James B. Ennis
Jamie Becraft
Jane A. Torney
Jean Turner
Jennifer S. Fortune
jiji frozen custard
Joe Byrum
Judith M. Meade
Julia Overby
Kennedy Capital Management, Inc.
Leona Zirkle
LGC Associates, Inc.
Linda I. Miller
Lisa Davey & Family
Loren Hayes
Matthew Catalano
Molly Broderson
On Faith Ministries
Phyllis A. Moore
Real Life Community
Remnant Church
Rick Whittaker
Salt & Forge
Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin & American Heart Association
Scottie's Building Services of Virginia
Sedona Taphouse, LLC
Sondra Leonard
Sous Casa
St. Mary's Woods Retirement Community
Tabetha George
Teresa Ennis
The Grill on Patterson
Tony Harper
Valencia I. Keeve
William A. Field
For more information about how you can support during the holidays, call 804-287-7300, email Fulfilling wish list needs is always appreciated and a great way to support during the holidays, CLICK HERE to see our needs!